Late Night Lately: Live Debate Commentary, Colbert's Southern Hospitality, BTS' Carpool Karaoke

8:00 AM 2/29/2020

by THR staff

The Hollywood Reporter's Late Night Lately rounds up the best sketches and guests with a look at what's to come next week.

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So pour your coffee, set your DVR for the week and sit back. Below are a few of the week's best, funniest and strangest late night moments that you can't afford to miss.

This week: Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert offered commentary on the 10th Democratic debate in South Carolina. Meanwhile, Colbert shared a meal with Elizabeth Warren to discuss southern hospitality, and BTS joined James Corden for a "Carpool Karaoke" segment. 

— Compiled by Jennifer Konerman

  • Hosts Revisit "Crazy" Democratic Debate

    Following the 10th Democratic debate Tuesday in South Carolina, hosts Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert went live to offer their political and social commentary. 

    Noah said the debate "was a little crazy!" as the show cut to clips of the seven candidates arguing with one another over who signed which particular bill. "I haven't seen white people go at each other that hard since khakis were on sale at Banana Republic." 

    As the show cut again to clips of news anchors critiquing Mike Bloomberg's past performances, The Daily Show revisited a line that Sanders said during Tuesday's debate: "The economy is doing really great for Mr. Bloomberg and other billionaires." Noah went on to say, "If Bernie was a boxer, he'd be the kind of boxer who would hit you in the locker room before the fight."

    Continuing that thread, he referenced the way Elizabeth Warren "slammed [Bloomberg] for bankrolling Republicans" at the first debate, and how she "came after him" again tonight. 

    Colbert introduced a segment titled "Fury Road to the White House," showing a clip of the candidates dropped into the frenetic, action-packed world of Mad Max. "These folks said a lot of words, and I did not hear many of them," the host admitted, referencing the fact that candidates were speaking over one another. 

    The host joked that "Mayor Bloomberg kept workshopping his comedy" throughout the debate, highlighting his "naked cowboy" comment — which referenced the shirtless, cowboy-hat donning guitarist in Times Square — along with the accidental comedy of Amy Klobuchar's "Uncle Dick" line. "I'm pretty sure Michael Bloomberg had to sign an NDA for talking about his 'Uncle Dick in a Deerstand,'" Colbert laughed. 

    Turning again to Biden, Colbert referenced his answer to the question from moderators, "What is the common misconception about you?" Biden's response was, "That I have more hair than I think I do." Quipped Colbert, "So your biggest misconception that people have about you is a misconception you have about yourself?"

    Noting that Sanders' misconception was that people think his ideas are "radical" when they are in fact not, Colbert seized the opportunity to launch into another impersonation, picking up from where Sanders left off in his sentence about all the places in the world that have his ideas in place. " countries like Venezuela, Cuba, Mordor," Colbert joked. 

  • Stephen Colbert Quizzes Elizabeth Warren on Billionaires

    Stephen Colbert showed Elizabeth Warren some hometown hospitality when the two went out to eat in South Carolina on Wednesday's Late Show.

    The CBS host introduced the segment by sharing that during this week's debate, Warren revealed the most common misconception about her: that she doesn't "eat very much."

    "I had heard the rumors that Sen. Warren consumes food, so I recently flew down to my hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, to meet up with the Democratic candidate and teach her a little bit about South Carolina cuisine," he said before introducing the clip, explaining that the best way into a South Carolinian's heart is through their stomach. "The contents of which will eventually lodge in their hearts."

    He warned the politician that the food is "very rich" and that she's "gonna want to tax it."

    Warren later confirmed that she is a fan of fast food, so Colbert asked her to explain how she is unlike Donald Trump. "I read books. I care about people," she answered.

    The host compared being president to "being the person ordering for everybody at a restaurant." He asked Warren to choose an appetizer for the United States, and she went with "the potato skins with cheese and bacon and then sour cream to dip in." Colbert responded, "Is this why you want universal health care? Because that will kill everybody in their tracks."

    The host later quizzed Warren on how well she knows the billionaires whose money she's "going to take away." During the game, Colbert described a billionaire to Warren and she had to guess who he was talking about.

  • BTS Cover Post Malone, 'Friends' Theme With James Corden

    BTS went for a ride with James Corden for "Carpool Karaoke" and did not do things by halves. On Tuesday, the global phenomenon stopped by The Late Late Show for a stint as Corden's driving guests. "I really felt like I needed seven people in the car to get to work properly," the host noted. 

    RM explained that he learned English by watching Friends, so of course the band paid tribute to the show with their own version of the Friends theme, "I'll Be There for You," by The Rembrandts. Meanwhile, the group also explained their nicknames, inter-band arguments (Jimin and V are the most likely to argue, especially over dumplings) and their heroes (Madonna and Post Malone).

    Corden even scored an invitation as an honorary eighth member of the band. As an initiation, the band put him through the motions at a dance class. 

  • Trevor Noah Reacts to Trump's Emergency Coronavirus Presser

    In the wake of President Trump appointing Mike Pence to lead the U.S. response to the coronavirus threat, Trevor Noah shared some thoughts during a Wednesday-night segment on The Daily Show called "Is This How We Die?"

    "The coronavirus," Noah began. "It’s the worst global pandemic since Baby Shark."

    Noah jumped in at that point with, "Yes, this is major news. Vice President Mike Pence will be in charge of America’s effort to contain the coronavirus. I think this is great, because Mike Pence has a lot of experience in this area: he’s been quarantining himself from women his whole life."

    Continuing his thread, Noah said, "Some might be worried, because when Mike Pence was governor of Indiana, he enabled an HIV outbreak when he didn’t follow the advice of public health officials. But I’ll be honest, I still feel safer with him than with Trump. Because Trump — if you saw the briefing — it didn’t seem as if he knew anything that we didn’t. It’s almost like he gets his news online with us." 

    Later on, Noah explained, "Earlier this week when Trump was briefed on the virus, he seemed less concerned about a pandemic hurting people than he was about it hurting the economy. Because that’s Trump’s real nightmare, right — his stock market gets sick." 

    The late-night host then tapped into some of the anxieties that Americans are feeling since the outbreak. "And also, when Trump first talked about the coronavirus this week, I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t exactly reassuring." The Daily Show cut to a news segment of Trump speaking in New Delhi:  “The coronavirus, which is very well under control in our country, we have very few people with it, they’re getting better.… I think that whole situation will start working out, a lot of talent and brainpower, $2 and a half billion we’re putting in. There’s a very good chance you’re not going to die.”

    Noah seized an opportunity to declare a one-liner: "OK, we’re definitely all going to die."

  • John Mulaney Responds to Pete Buttigieg Biopic Comment

    After Mayor Pete Buttigieg stated that he would like to have John Mulaney portray him in a biopic, the comedian says he is ready to accept the offer. 

    While visiting The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Mulaney addressed Buttigieg's compliment, quick to poke fun at his career. "I've been offered two movies and I am in both of them. Yeah, I think you got him," he quipped.

    After tweeting that he would accept the offer to play Buttigieg in a biopic, Mulaney admitted he received criticism from Democrats not voting for Buttigieg. 

    "He's an openly gay veteran of the military, so it's a real good idea to turn on him violently, other Democrats," Mulaney sarcastically joked, before adding, "your tone is crazy." 

  • Late Night Lineup: March 1-7

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    Late Night With Seth Meyers: Fellow late night host John Oliver stops by NBC for Super Tuesday.

    Wednesday, March 4
    The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon: Hillary Clinton visits with Fallon just days before her documentary, Hillary, hits Hulu.

    Thursday, March 5
    Late Night With Seth Meyers: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez continues a political week on late night.