Which Former Trump Aides Will Become Media Stars?

6:30 AM 4/17/2018

by Andrew Tyndall

News media analyst Andrew Tyndall takes a look at the future prospects of the White House alums who burned bright — and burnt out — since Trump took office.

Sean Spicer, Hope Hicks and Steve Bannon - One Time Use Only - Split - AP - H 2018
Newscom (Spicer, Bannon); A.P. Photo (Hicks)

  • Steve Bannon

    The Breitbart honcho turned chief strategist, 64, was fired in August amid comments in Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury.

    Tyndall: “He wants to own the platform for pundits, not be one; to control the microphone, not provide its fodder.”

  • Michael Flynn

    The ex-national security adviser, 59, didn’t last a month but continues to be a star player in the Robert Mueller probe.

    Tyndall: “Presumably [if it’s on-air, it will be] via remote-video hookup, wearing pinstripes, from Leavenworth.”

  • Hope Hicks

    Trump’s favorite head of communications, 29, bowed out in March.

    Tyndall: “If she avoided the provocative sound-bite when she was communications director, for crying out loud, why would she want to proffer one now?”

  • Corey Lewandowski

    Trump’s ex-campaign manager, 44, was fired pre-election.

    Tyndall: “No journalistic organization … should contemplate hiring anyone who manhandles a reporter the way he did Breitbart’s Michelle Fields … and that includes you, CNN.”

  • Omarosa Manigault

    The Apprentice alum turned “adviser,” 44, was reportedly dragged from the White House before returning to reality TV.

    Tyndall: “Hasn’t she already landed the gig as Big Brother’s in-house talking head?”

  • Reince Priebus

    Former RNC chair and chief of staff, 46, has tried to keep his spotlight low since his July ouster.

    Tyndall: “In what capacity? A Trump loyalist as former chief of staff? Or a never-Trumper as ex-RNC chair? We’d never know his motivation.”

  • Sean Spicer

    The SNL-parodied ex-press secretary, 46, tried to redeem himself with an Emmy Awards appearance.

    Tyndall: “If he was ever going to be picked up, it would have already happened. The publicity glow bestowed by Melissa McCarthy has dimmed.”

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