'Veep' Season 6: Where Are They Now?

11:06 PM 4/16/2017

by Jackie Strause

One year after their White House exodus, Selina Meyer and her motley crew have spread their wings and landed in some very interesting places.

Veep HBO Season 6, Episode 3 - Julia Louis-Dreyfus - H 2017
Courtesy of HBO

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the sixth season premiere of Veep.]

Selina Meyer and her staff were booted from the White House for the first time on HBO's Emmy-winning political satire, sending the now-former president into uncharted storytelling territory for the sixth season, which premiered Sunday night. With 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in her and her former staff's rearview mirror, showrunner David Mandel walks The Hollywood Reporter through the surprising, hilarious and self-serving life status updates since Selina's election loss — an event dubbed "Selexit" by the cast.

  • Former President Selina Meyer

    Selina Meyer has officially joined the former presidents club.

    The comedy opens up one year after her election loss as Selina fills America in on what she's been up to during an appearance on CBS This Morning — with guest cohost Dan "Danny" Egan (more on that below). Selina reveals she's currently working on her memoir — though she didn't receive an advance — and on the Meyer Fund for Adult Literacy... and AIDS. It is later revealed that her financials are controlled by daughter Catherine, who inherited her late mother MeeMaw's estate, with her fund being run by Catherine's wife, Marjorie.

    And anyone hoping for a reprisal of Selina's dalliances with Tom Jones (Hugh Laurie) or Charlie Baird (John Slattery) shouldn't hold their breath: the years-worth of time has led Selina back under the slimy sheets of her sometimes-lover, ex-husband and Catherine's father, Andrew Meyer. Selina is now running her day-to-day operations from an office in the Bronx with stalwart Gary Walsh still by her side, as well as new Chief of Staff Richard Splett. After a brief mention of her having visited the "spa" after her White House exit (her code word for having a mental breakdown), Selina decides she's going to run for president again — and then Ben squashes it for good.

    "Seeing her back with Andrew says more about the missing year than anything we could have had two characters saying to each other," explains Mandel of the disastrous reunion. "It’s been a wild year and you can get a sense that she kind of got broken down and had to put it back together, and so to put it back together has some interesting pieces."

  • Gary Walsh

    Gary Walsh remains in Selina's ear, continuing on as her most-trusted aide, bag-carrier and caterer to her every whim. And just as overprotective as ever, Gary is none-too thrilled about Selina's reunion with Andrew or having to share her with Richard. "Unlike Amy or Dan or any of the other characters in Selina's orbit, Richard is a very good guy and so is Gary," says Mandel. "So this is a very different kind of competition than Gary has ever had. Selina seems to really like Richard and that’s very threatening to Gary."

  • Amy Brookheimer

    Amy has moved on from both Selina and the potential of a Dan Egan romance by saying yes to both working for and marrying Buddy Calhoun. After hinting that the pair were becoming a thing last season, Amy is now engaged to the secretary of state of Nevada and running his campaign to become governor. Ironically, the foul-mouthed foreplay that brought the pair together becomes a source of contention when Buddy asks Amy to bring her campaign dirty talk into the bedroom. "Yes, she’s his fiancee, but is she his fiancee because she loves him or because she’s running him for governor?" asks Mandel, who added that her inability to talk dirty in bed is something they had wanted to do for a long time. "The way Buddy reacts to her during the daylight hours of her foul mouth, and then the idea that in bed he likes it but she can’t do it, it’s a very dysfunctional relationship."

  • Mike McLintock

    Mike McLintock is living out Mandel's fantasy for the character as a stay-at-home dad. The out-of-work former press secretary has replaced the briefing room with cartoons and the press corps with three children who need just as much of his undivided attention. Viewers will recall that Mike and wife Wendy (Kathy Najimy), after struggling to have a family all season, were saddled with the simultaneous arrival of twins from surrogacy and an adopted 6-year-old from China, thanks to Selina's last-minute reversal of a ban on all foreign adoptions. Because of his methodical diary-keeping skills, he's still a source for Selina to rely on as she puts together material for her book, but she won't pay him until the memoir is complete.

    "Mike as a stay-at-home dad came off of the very end of last season where we found out in Catherine's documentary, Kissing Your Sister, that they were right on the edge of firing him," says Mandel. "He had the adopted Chinese daughter and the twins and was basically going to be out of work and screwed. But because Mike kept this diary where he kept a record of everything, of course including what he ate every day, she can't really write the book without him. While Mike himself isn’t that important to Selina, this diary is. So even though he’s got a 'job,' they're not paying him."

  • Dan Egan

    Dan appears to have fared the best, career-wise, by landing a guest anchor seat on CBS This Morning. He steps in front of the camera with a new smugness and spraytan to boot during the opening, on-air reunion with his former boss. But his pending promotion to the cohost chair is only disguised as a windfall, as his morning show partner is revealed to be a nightmare, dubbing him "Danny" for viewers and squashing all of his segment ideas. Mandel says it was one of the first ideas they had for the season to have the episode open one year later with Selina giving Dan a talk show interview. "I don’t want to give anything away but it was very enjoyable to give Reid [Scott] a big story and Dan really shines this season," he says of bringing the media and morning show side of things into the story. "We really did create a new world to explore on Veep."

  • Jonah Ryan

    Though at first Congressman Jonah Ryan appears to be sporting a new look, it is quickly revealed that the newly elected New Hampshire representative is shaving his head to keep up the appearance that he still has cancer. After hinting that the thorn in everyone's side, often nicknamed "Jonad," might have testicular cancer at the end of last season, Jonah comes clean to Dan ahead of their on-air interview that he has a fine bill of health after undergoing six weeks of chemotherapy. "His comeuppance really comes from that moment with Dan," said Mandel of Jonah's rival discovering his secret. "It’s not something we come back to a lot, other than you get to watch his hair grow back in real time. Tim really shaved his head and I think he’d be the first to admit that he really looks like a monster."

  • Catherine Meyer and Marjorie Palmiotti

    After coming out, breaking up and then getting back together, Catherine Meyer and Selina-lookalike Marjorie Palmiotti are happily married. Catherine, sporting a makeover and renewed confidence, is running the Meyer household and bank accounts, doling out checks to her mother, while Marjorie runs the Meyer Fund with Selina, someone she oscillates from calling "Mom" to "ma'am." It's not until Selina announces her plans to run for president again, that Catherine drops the act, breaking down in tears at the thought of returning to how things once were. "Catherine definitely — in her own, odd way — enjoys being up," says Mandel of the former first daughter's transformation. "She enjoys having her mother on a little bit of a short lease, vis-a-vis the allowance and the money. This happiness that she has found with Marjorie allows for a little bit of smugness in an okay way — she took a lot of abuse for years. I continue to love that relationship and what it’s done for those two characters"

  • Richard Splett

    The dependable Richard, who continued to impress Selina as last season evolved, has ditched his partner-in-crime Jonah to remain on ex-president Meyer's staff. He and Gary are now tasked with catering to Selina's every whim. "One of my favorite lines of last season was on the finale when, the next morning, Selina says, 'I hope I didn’t f— Richard,'" says Mandel of the odd-couple pairing. "We love the idea that she came out of the White House thinking that the smartest guy that she knew was Richard and that she would grab him as her chief of staff."

  • Ben Cafferty

    Catherine Meyer's documentary last season revealed that Selina's former chief of staff — known for making off-color Asian jokes — is twice-divorced and married to an Asian nurse named Joyce, who nursed him back from his second heart attack. The staffer's racist humor doesn't go over too well at the diverse Uber Corporate offices, sending him back to the mercy of the one-and-only Jonah Ryan after losing the cushy ride-sharing gig. "He didn’t enjoy the politically correct world of Uber and his desire to still be a part of politics is what sends him to Jonah," says Mandel. It's also the ever-loyal Ben who delivers the one piece of news that Selina is most deign to hear when he tells her that her political window is, in fact, closed shut. "Ben has been and can be her rock," he says of Ben and Selina's relationship. "Only he can tell her the truth, to close that door so that then she really does have to move on."

  • Kent Davison

    The number-savvy strategist has now switched gears to work with Jonah Ryan, the newly elected Congressman of New Hampshire. The move, however, aligns with the real-life implications many staffers often face when looking for a new gig coming off a loss. "His models were wrong, he was wrong about the election, the recount, all of the vote-counting in the House and the Senate," lists Mandel. "Someone has to pay a price. So what job could he get? Well, what’s the worst job in D.C.? Working for Jonah." The showrunner also admits that pairing up the least rational person with the most, Kent, "seemed like a really fun combination."

  • Sue Wilson

    Where is Sue? The fifth season saw Selina's competent, straight-talking secretary trading up to work on the desk of now-President Montez, making her the only member of the Meyer administration to keep her job in the White House. (The first three episodes of the new season were released to press, and the also newly married Sue doesn't appear.)