'Walking Dead' Season 7: Ranking Negan's Potential Murder Victims

6:30 AM 10/9/2016

by Josh Wigler

Who's about to meet Lucille? Here are our predictions.

The Walking Dead - Season 6, Episode 16 -Still 2-Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan-H 2016
Courtesy of Gene Page/AMC

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the Walking Dead comic books.]

Batter up!

One unfortunate soul is about to step up to the plate for the very last time, as the season seven premiere of The Walking Dead promises to remove a series regular from the board. It's easier listing the people who are not in contention for a fateful meeting with Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), the smirking leader of the Saviors.

The safe parties include peace-seeking Morgan (Lennie James), pain-inflicting Carol (Melissa McBride), prophet-resembling Jesus (Tom Payne) and actual Jesus disciple Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam). Otherwise, every single hero on the show is in position for a fateful head-bashing.

Before the barbed-wired baseball bat officially hits someone out of the park, here are our rankings of Negan’s potential murder victims, from least likely to most. Plus check out video of our predictions, below.



  • 11. Carl Grimes

    Consider Negan's final words of season six, spoken right before he delivers the fateful blow: "Anybody moves, anybody says anything, cut the boy's other eye out and feed it to his father." Those instructions make it clear that both Carl and Rick are safe from the bat, at least for now.

  • 10. Rick Grimes

    See Carl. (Too soon for eye humor, Little Grimes?) Even if he wasn't safe through Negan's dialogue, the odds of Walking Dead removing Rick from the action are slim to none, at least not until closer to the show's end-game — assuming the end ever comes.

  • 9. Michonne

    The katana-wielding warrior ranks among the least likely Negan victims, due to the recency of her romance with Rick. It's far too early in their relationship for Michonne to die.

  • 8. Eugene

    He's officially a Stage Two badass, which might be perfect timing for a rendezvous with Lucille. Then again, his plan to manufacture bullets sounds too valuable to take off the table just as the war with the Saviors is heating up.

  • 7. Maggie

    No one is accusing The Walking Dead of being a comedy, but killing Maggie and her unborn baby would be way too dark, even for this show.

  • 6. Sasha

    Killing Sonequa Martin-Green's sharpshooter would have a big impact on Abraham, but is it an emotional enough death for the rest of the group? Probably not. 

  • 5. Daryl Dixon

    The crossbow-slinging bad boy is already nursing a gunshot wound courtesy of Dwight. Isn't that punishment enough? Maybe not, but AMC would be wise to heed the warning of the people: "If Daryl dies, we riot."

  • 4. Aaron

    He's among the easier and lower-stakes options on the table, but if Walking Dead wants this death to pack an emotional punch, then it should look elsewhere.

  • 3. Rosita

    Yet another low-stakes option, due to the relative lack of attention paid to Abraham's ex-girlfriend. Her death would have a major impact on both Angry Abe and Eugene, not to mention Spencer, currently running the ship back at Alexandria.

  • 2. Abraham

    If the show completely mirrored the comics, Abraham would be dead by now. Instead, his arrow-through-the-eye departure went to a different character entirely. (Rest in peace, Denise!) It's not only possible that the show was saving Abraham's death for the bigger Negan moment, but actually pretty likely.

  • 1. Glenn

    The number one suspect on the board. Last we checked, there weren't any dumpsters for the season one veteran to crawl under in the finale. Comic book readers will never forget Glenn's demise at Negan's hands in The Walking Dead #100, and the show has been teasing Glenn's batter-up goodbye since at least the season five premiere. That being said, Walking Dead loves flipping the script and changing things up from the comics. Will Glenn catch a luckier break on the show than in the source material? It's entirely possible, but we're not banking on it.