Webbys: 11 Memorable 5-Word Speeches

12:12 PM 5/18/2016

by Hilary Lewis

Jessica Alba and Tyler Oakley were among the 2016 recipients who delivered clever takes on the awards' restrictions on acceptance remarks.

Jessica Alba and Tyler Oakley split-Getty-H 2016
Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic; Gary Gershoff/WireImage

The 2016 Webbys wrapped nearly two days ago and most people have already seen (and heard) Kim Kardashian's pro-nude selfies declaration as well as Kanye's recorded disdain for short speeches. But there were other winners who also delivered clever speeches that might not have gotten as much attention.

With its five-word limit on winners' acceptance remarks, the Webbys make it tough for award recipients to come up with concise, witty expressions of gratitude. Take a look at 11 honorees who managed to do just that.

  • 3 Sided Cube

    3 Sided Cube managing director Duncan Cook accepting the Webby for health in mobile sites and apps for the American Red Cross Blood Donor App: "Ordinary people can be heroes."

  • Jessica Alba

    The Honest Company founder accepting the special achievement Webby for entrepreneur of the year: "Guts. Heart. Passion. Drive. WiFi."

  • First Printing Productions

    Co-creators Andrew Rein and Jack Canfora accept the Webby for best writing in online film and video for the pilot for Vimeo series The Small Time: "Tonight we're all Kim Kardashian."

  • Goodby Silverstein & Partners

    Creative director Samuel Luchini accepts the Webby for animation (branded) in online film and video for its "Dream On" campaign."Dream until it comes true."

  • Hello Monday

    Art directors Jonas Emmertsen and Morten Solvstrom accept its Webbys for corporate communications and consumer electronics in websites for Google Ideas and Wove: "Everyone deserves freedom of speech."

  • MapQuest

    Brad Maglinger, vp product and marketing and James Kerley, senior editor, accepts the Webby for social humor for its #AvoidTrump map, providing tips for how to avoid the real estate mogul turned presidential candidate in cities across the U.S.: "We're making MapQuest great again!"

  • Tyler Oakley

    The YouTube star accepts the Webby for best web personality: "Monkey covering eyes emoji. Thanks."

  • Pereira & O'Dell

    Pereira & O'Dell accepts the Webby for best use of interactive video in online film and video for the Intel and Dell social film, What Lives Inside, starring Colin Hanks and J.K. Simmons, who also appear in the Webby acceptance speech video: "Thank you, this is wonderful"

  • R/GA

    Founder, chair and CEO Bob Greenberg accepts a special achievement Webby for best agency, referencing the "Straight Outta" meme the agency created for Straight Outta Compton: "I’m straight out of words."

  • Natalie Sun

    Texting With Cancer artist accepts the Webby for personal blog/website: "Beat cancer, got a Webby."

  • Whirled

    Managing partner Scott Chan accepts the Webby for viral (branded) in online film and video for its #ProudToLove video for YouTube, celebrating the Supreme Court's June 2015 ruling legalizing gay marriage: "The Constitution grants 'em that right."