TLC Revisits Japan's Tsunami With Striking 'Tales of Terror' (Exclusive Video)

TLC revisits the tragedy that left thousands of people dead on the northeast coast of Japan and the world stunned on Japan’s Tsunami: Tales of Terror airing Thursday at 9 p.m.

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The program features rare footage from amateurs and video enthusiasts with eyewitness testimonials from people who were caught in the middle of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated so many last March. Several of those contributing to the special strived to continue filming even when their own lives were at stake -- such as Yu Muroga.

In The Hollywood Reporter's exclusive first look, Muroga narrates the footage captured from his car via an on-board camera as the waters reach him and nearby motorists and then rises. Muroga escaped before the raging water enveloped his car.

Watch the chilling video above. 

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