10 Most Insane Celebrity Deathmatch Fights Ever (Video)

Hillary Clinton and Monica Lewinsky were among the famous folks who had no issue with resorting to low blows.
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Dolly Parton fights Jennifer Lopez on 'Celebrity Deathmatch.'

Celebrity Deathmatch is coming back, which is sure to mean a lot of unnecessary — and amazing — bloodshed.

MTV2 is reviving the outlandish claymation series, which aired on MTV from 1998-2002 before landing on MTV2 from 2006-2007.

The big question that remains is: Which celebrities will be granted the honor of dying gruesome deaths on the show? Justin Bieber feels like a safe bet, especially given the show's penchant for killing off ubiquitous music stars, but only time will tell.

In the meantime, here are 10 standout fights from the series' previous incarnations. May the most diabolical star win.

Hillary Clinton vs. Monica Lewinski

This one is particularly relevant, with the 2016 election looming. But Hillary might want to beware of what Lewinsky is packing inside of her hat.

Hanson vs. The Spice Girls

This classic matchup of '90s sensations involves one of the Spice Girls getting chopped in half. "We'll have to change her name to Shorty Spice," quips the announcer.

Sylvester Stallone vs. Arnold Schwarzenegger

"Rest in pieces," Schwarzenegger warns as he pulls out a rocket launcher.

Jim Carrey vs. Mariah Carey

In a battle of the stars with similar surnames, Carey finds an unusual context for Carrey's The Mask catchphrase, "Smokin'."

Kid Rock vs. Eminem

If you've ever wanted to see Carson Daly get disemboweled, now is your chance.

Pink vs. Mandy Moore

Candy is used as a deadly weapon in this matchup of two bubbly pop stars.

Ozzy Osbourne vs. Elton John

Let's just say that things don't end well for Osbourne's cucumber. And yes, he apparently carries an actual cucumber around with him.

Dolly Parton vs. Jennifer Lopez

This match explains what might happen if Parton's breasts became larger than they actually are.

Marilyn Manson vs. Ricky Martin

Beware of Martin's dangerous pelvis.

Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield

Holyfield would be well-advised to stay far from Tyson's car.

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