10 Most Taylor Swift-y Phrases From 'The Voice'

Gwen Stefani Taylor Swift H 2014
Trae Patton/NBC


Gwen Stefani Taylor Swift H 2014

Taylor Swift was as Taylor Swift-ian as ever on Monday's episode of The Voice.

The superstar singer, celebrating the release of her new album, 1989, appeared as a guest mentor on NBC's singing competition show, where she provided words of wisdom for the starstruck contestants who were heading into the show's knockout round.

Here are ten of her most memorable gems from the episode, including remarks about the T-Swift trifecta: cute boys, cats and teddy bears. 

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1. Taylor is shaking it off — with "it" being cat hair

"I have two of them now. I have cats, plural." — Taylor on her growing pet collection.

2. Glass houses, Taylor

"I love that you know that, you music geek!" — Taylor to Danika about "Saving All My Love for You" being Whitney Houston's first No. 1 hit.

3. How will she ever, ever survive?

"That was my teen karaoke go-to." — Taylor to Damien, about LeAnn Rimes' "How Do I Live."

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4. Taylor stays humble

"This has got to be a pressure cooker.... I could never do this." — Taylor about the show.

5. But you probably shouldn't cuddle with it 

"I think it's a teddy bear." — Taylor Swift convincing Taylor Phelan to put down his guitar. 

6. Taylor loses her mind and her circulation

"We just need a minute before we can move our legs again." — Taylor to Danika about herself and Pharrell Williams, about her performance.

7. Taylors unite

"I generally tend to have rapport with other Taylors." — Taylor Swift to Taylor Phelan.

8. Always good advice to give someone

"Make it like you're absolutely out of your mind." — Taylor about performing "Crazy in Love."

9. She is so not ready for the robot uprising

"It sounds like a conversation for maybe never." — Taylor to Adam Levine about his claim that he's part robot. 

10. Not that Taylor knows anything about succumbing to the charms of cute boys

"That's what I call working the cute-boy factor." — Taylor encouraging Tanner Linford to look out at the audience more.

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