'The 100' Star Eliza Taylor Warns Season 2 Is Even More "Terrifying"

The 100 Season 2 Premiere Eliza Taylor - H 2014
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Will Clarke get out of Mount Weather?

The 100 kicks off its sophomore season with Clarke no longer in control and desperate to find answers. As she quickly discovers in the opening three minutes, there may be more to Mount Weather (and the Mountain Men) than meets the eye. Why is Monty also there? Are other members of the hundred also locked up? What happened to Bellamy and Finn?

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Ahead of Wednesday's return, Eliza Taylor talks to The Hollywood Reporter about Clarke's new arc, what viewers can expect from season two (hint: more bloodshed) and whether there's an exit out of Mount Weather.

Clarke and her group struggled to survive in the wilderness for the majority of season one. This season starts off with Clarke in new surroundings, a mysterious new facility called Mount Weather. Has it felt like a completely new show?

It's been really challenging and amazing. There's a lot more physicality in season two for me anyway. I've never really been in such an action role before, and there is a lot of action in the first few episodes. I found that that was an amazing and rewarding challenge, but also emotionally. The girl's going through a lot. (Laughs.) She's 17 and she's gone from being [forced to survive on] this crazy planet to being locked up again [in Mount Weather]. In season two, she's a girl on a mission and she realizes that she has to make a lot of hard decisions — and not necessarily good ones to fight her way out.

What is Clarke's mindset like when she realizes she's in Mount Weather?

It's absolute frustration. Although she's tough, she's absolutely terrified. On the Ark, she knew that she was put into lockup for a reason. Now she is completely unaware of what's been going on outside of that cell. It's a big, scary world for her now.

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We also know that Clarke isn't the only one locked up, with Monty being imprisoned. How does Clarke navigate this mystery of what's really going on?

What she discovers in Mount Weather is exactly the opposite of what she thought it would be.

How surprising are the machinations of Mount Weather?

Oh, so surprising. It's nothing like you'd imagine.

Members of the Ark are now on the ground and Clarke's mother, Abby, is one of them. What is the reunion like between mother and daughter when they do meet?

The Clarke-Abby relationship is hard and really interesting, and I can't wait for the two to meet again. In season one, Clarke discovers that Abby was responsible for her father's death. And she's gone from being a little girl in the pilot episode to this strong, amazing leader. I think seeing the two together will create a lot of conflict but maybe also a lot of resolution.

With a new group of people on Earth, is the re-integration of both camps going to be difficult? Rough waters for a while?

Yeah, I think so. You've got these people who have created a society in space for nearly a hundred years and then they've sent down these kids to die, in their mind, but they've survived and they've thrived and they created a peaceful society amongst themselves. To have these people, who think they know it all, come down, it's going to be really interesting to watch them realize that maybe these kids who they disregarded are actually incredibly intelligent and might actually know more than they do.

You also have Jaha alone in the Ark. What do you reckon are his chances of surviving and making it down to Earth?

Poor Jaha. That whole storyline they have kept completely secret from me, so I don't know. That's how badly they want to keep it to themselves. I haven't worked with [Isaiah Washington] yet, but I imagine it's amazing. Hopefully we'll see him soon.

Another big question were the fates of several key characters, including Bellamy and Finn. What can you divulge?

The question of what happened to Bellamy and Finn will be [addressed], absolutely. In episode one, a lot of questions are answered.

Over the course of the first season, fans have gravitated toward the pairing of Bellamy and Clarke. Did that surprise you at all?

I just recently found out what 'shipping is. (Laughs.) I have been inundated with messages on Twitter and Instagram and Facebook and Tumblr about Clarke and Bellamy. It's like a huge thing. It is a movement and it is hilarious because it is the only 'shipping that I'm aware of that's based on small glances and smiles at each other. There's no kissing or anything. And it wasn't something that we expected. During the first season, we weren't anticipating the chemistry to be so powerful, but it was, [and] now fans will say "I will stop watching if you guys don't get together." It's really interesting. It's cool though, because Bob Morley is one of my best friends and we do work well together, so I say why not. But we'll see if the writers decide to do that or not.

Have you found that the writers are heading toward that?

For me, it feels like it would be a really cool thing to happen. As a fan of television in general and the way that things progress, it seems like a natural progression. They're so different, but together they're amazing. I wouldn't be mad if they got together but the thing about our show is it doesn't focus on the romance. It really focuses on survival. Whether or not they can factor a little bit of romance in there, I don't know.

What differentiated The 100 a little bit was the unexpected and pretty gruesome deaths last season. Will this season up the ante in regards to the kills?

It's not pretty. This season is a roller-coaster ride. It's fabulous and terrifying. People were saying last season that it's probably the darkest thing on The CW right now, or ever, because we do go to some very dark, scary places. But season two gets even worse — but in a good way. It does hit a new level of dark that is fantastic.

What else can we look forward this season?

We're filming episode nine and what I can tell you is there is a big shock at the end of the midseason finale, so get prepared. Get the tissues out. It's going to be awful in the best way possible.

The 100 premieres on Oct. 22 at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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