'The 100' Survival Guide: Everything to Know Ahead of Season 3

THR catches viewers up on what went down in the two-part season two finale ahead of Thursday's highly anticipated return.
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Between the war games, double crossings and imminent deaths that were packed into last March’s two-part second season finale of The 100, “Blood Must Have Blood,” there’s quite a bit to remember heading into Thursday’s third season premiere.

Given that “Wanheda: Part One” picks up not long after those ugly events with several key characters in high stakes situations, that’s probably important information to have for longtime fans and those looking to jump into the show alike. So with Clarke (Eliza Taylor) on the run, Jasper (Devon Bostick) in mourning and Jaha (Isaiah Washington) in a strange new land, The Hollywood Reporter opted to break down all the key camps and where audiences last left them ahead of the show’s return.

The Original 100

Clarke and Bellamy (Bob Morely) found themselves in a no-win situation when Cage (Johnny Whitworth) held their friends — including Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos) — hostage in order to suck out their bone marrow and finally escape the mountain. As a result, the duo pushed the big red button that would allow air to seep in and kill a hoard of innocent people – including Jasper’s gal pal Maya (Eve Harlow). The responsibility of those deaths, coupled with the weight on Clarke’s shoulders for killing Finn (Thomas McDonell), was too much for the young leader to handle and in the final moments she fled the camp she worked so hard to win back.

The Older Sky People

Although it took some time for Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) and new chancellor Abigail (Paige Turco) to get used to their surroundings, it didn’t take long for them and the other “adults” to attempt to establish a new status quo on Earth. Unfortunately it took a while longer for them to realize that taking the kids’ advice would be sage given the external threats, and they all found themselves in jeopardy. In the end they were saved thanks to Clarke, and Miller (Jarod Joseph) was finally reunited with his father.

The City of Light

Jaha roped Murphy (Richard Harmon) and a small group of Sky People into embarking on his quest for The City of Light. After a harrowing journey, the finale culminated in Jaha and Murphy finally reaching that supposed destination, but not without a few casualties and morally questionable decisions along the way. Unfortunately once they jumped out of the boat and onto land they were separated, with Murphy finding a fully stocked bunker and Jaha meeting a mysterious A.I. lady who had somehow managed to find the giant nuke Jaha had rode down to Earth on.

The Mountain Men

Under Cage’s questionable leadership, the general population opted to kill the Sky People in order to escape the mountain and finally roam the Earth themselves. Unfortunately for Cage, he failed to recognize just how far the Sky People would go to save themselves, and wound up getting an entire population killed. In the end he wasn’t even able to save himself; as he fled the mountain it was Lincoln (Ricky Whittle) who caught up with him, and in a moment of true revenge injected Cage with the same Reaper juice he had been riddled with all season long.

The Reapers

With the true origins of The Reapers finally revealed (the Mountain Men had been injecting them with drugs and training them to kill), and Mountain Weather finally taken down, it’s safe to assume that any Reapers left standing following the harrowing events in the finale have either received medical attention or been left to die.

The Grounders

Following Lexa’s (Alycia Debnam-Carey) betrayal of Clarke, all of the Grounders proved that they were really out for themselves from the beginning as they left the Sky People to die. In return, they agreed to a treaty in which they would stay away from the Mountain — a treaty that will inevitably hold true when the series returns.

The 100 returns Thursday at 9 p.m. on The CW.

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