The 13 Biggest Takeaways From TV's Winter Press Tour

Pass the TCM-branded champagne.
Fox's Charlie Collier (Sidecar not pictured)

Fifteen days and nearly as many panels, castings, series pickups, cancellations and pilot orders as there are Netflix originals (or at least it feels that way): The Television Critics Association's winter press tour is officially in the books.

Following presentations from (deep breath) A&E, ABC, AMC, Bravo, CBS, E!, Epix, Fox, FX, HBO, Hulu, National Geographic, NBC, Showtime, The CW, Turner and Viacom (among others!), we're ready to have time to actually at least sample some of the programming you just pitched us. But before we curl up in the fetal position with our remote, here are 13 big takeaways from the past two weeks of TCA madness. (Now pass us that tiny TCM-branded champagne bottle — we don't care if it's warm.)

1. Jennifer Salke ended the press tour by revealing plans to take Amazon global (but didn't come armed with new details about Lord of the Rings). The exec instead announced more than 20 new global originals and shared that the Russo brothers' English-language spy thriller will expand what she hopes will become — you guessed it! — a global franchise, complete with other local-language offshoots. (Question for the FX research team: How big would the #PeakTV tally get if you count global scripted originals, too?) Also: Props to Amazon for bringing puppies to the final event of the winter TCA. 

2. Kevin Reilly isn't planning on sharing his Friends. Related: This may be a good investment.

3. Hulu doesn't mind waiting. And really likes Marvel and women … and man, George Clooney is charming AF!

4. AMC, BBC America and Sundance are slowly becoming one and the same with Killing Eve and A Discovery of Witches getting bigger platforms. Farewell, Into the Badlands and … what was that show called? The Sun

5. HBO has no fear when it comes to the Jackson Estate. But it does want to protect Reese and Nicole (and Meryl!) from dragons.


6. Everything is fine — reallyEverything! Is! Fine! — at Fox Broadcasting Entertainment. They have a Sidecar! Mickey is going to need to wait two years before it turns Simpsons yellow into green. But New Fox is OK for now — they have a still have a Bee, Peacock, Rabbit, Lion and a Monster.

7. Karey Burke has a few clear mandates at ABC: The Oscars better not cut into that Whiskey Cavalier special preview, because her broadcast network has some work to do with getting women back! (Plus: Goodbye, Modern Family! Hello, Lost?)

8. Freeform has our attentionGood Trouble is actually good! (But the network will desperately miss Burke — so hire a replacement soon!)

9. John Landgraf really doesn't like Netflix. (And will dance it out, in FX style, while he, too, is forced to wait.) But it's OK, because Y: THE LAST MAN IS FINALLY GOING TO ACTUALLY, FOR REAL, BE A THING THAT'S REAL! (With Diane Lane!!)

10. Mark Pedowitz can channel Oprah Winfrey with the best of 'em — "You get a renewal, and you get a renewal!" — 10 times over. Gina Rodriguez got emotional on the TCA stage where, five years ago, her impassioned speech about cultural identity turned her into an overnight breakout sensation. (See you in the summer, Gina — for Jane the Novela!) Plus: Maybe there's a Phase Two of The CW's DC Universe?

11. The next wave of Showtime series looks … familiar. (And Cameron Monaghan's farewell was very short-lived on Shameless.)

12. CBS' Kelly Kahl doesn't mind hanging out at TCA in the winter — even when there's no executive session (and all the panels are stale). But hey, at least he was there! NBC's new execs — who started a month before Burke and two ahead of Collier — couldn't be bothered to make the drive from Universal City to Pasadena. (Pro tip: If Mike Schur is there, you should be, too.) Oh, and Kelly? Sorry about that photo

13. CBS All Access is no joke: The Good Fight, a fleet of Star Treks aaaaaand it's really going to, like, for real, make that long-gestating The Stand a reality?!

See most of you in the summer ... maybe?

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