'1600 Penn': Could Josh Gad Replace Henry Winkler as the Fonz? (Exclusive Video)

In a sneak peek from the latest installment of "At the Monitors," Gad's overzealous nature over Winkler's presence gets the best of him.
"1600 Penn's" Josh Gad and Henry Winkler

The Fonz is headed to the White House.

To tout Henry Winkler's guest appearance on the freshman comedy 1600 Penn this Thursday, NBC has released a new installment from Josh Gad's web series, "At the Monitors." In a first look at the newest episode, exclusive to The Hollywood Reporter, Gad can't keep his enthusiasm in check.

Gad has such a hard time holding back his fanaticism that he can't help but tell Winkler, "I want to vomit on you but I'm holding it back." Another gem is this bit: "I'd love to do anything I could to you." Out of context, the statement sounds odd, but over the course of the scene, the intention becomes quite clear.

What Gad doesn't understand is that Fonzie on Mork & Mindy, Fonzie on Happy Days and Fonzie on Laverne & Shirley was the same person. "It's like James Bond, every couple of years they get a different guy," Gad says. So much so that Gad spills some beans on a potential Fonzie-centric reboot coming down the pipeline: "Rumor has it that I may be up for the reboot."

Then things get weird. Watch the clip below:

1600 Penn airs new episodes at 8:30 p.m., which features Winkler, and 9:30 p.m. March 21 on NBC.

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