'1600 Penn': Josh Gad Warns Bill Pullman to Stay Off YouTube (Exclusive Video)

1600 Penn Josh Gad Frosting/Nixon - H 2013

1600 Penn Josh Gad Frosting/Nixon - H 2013

Sometimes you have to negotiate with your family members.

The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive scene from Thursday's 1600 Penn episode, "Frosting/Nixon," where Skip (Josh Gad) meets with his father, President Dale Gilchrist (Bill Pullman), in what he calls a "caucus" meeting (it's not) to discuss the protesters outside the White House unhappy with the transportation policies that have been put forth.

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If Skip thought it would be difficult to communicate the protestors' desires to the president, he may not have realized just how easy the conversation would turn out to be.

"Boom! Mind blown! Thank you for setting me straight, Dad," Skip exclaims after their succinct father-son chat. After the president introduces the idea of them having more of these conversations in the near future, Skip warns his father to stay away from YouTube, as he must've said some vicious things: "Just avoid top videos ... and stuff ..."

1600 Penn airs 9:30 p.m. Thursdays on NBC.

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