'2 Broke Girls' at PaleyFest: 6 Highlights From the Panel

Castmembers Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs, along with creator Michael Patrick King talked unicorns, censorship and marijuana at Thursday's panel.
Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs at PaleyFest

The cast of 2 Broke Girls came together Thursday night for a panel on the penultimate night of PaleyFest.

The show’s creator Michael Patrick King was on hand, as well as stars Kat Dennings (Max) and Beth Behrs (Caroline). Joined by Jennifer Coolidge (Sophie), Garrett Morris, Jonathan Kite (Oleg) and Matthew Moy (Han), the cast dished on being censored, unicorns and Max’s mom. 

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Here are six of the best moments from the panel:

1. Jennifer Coolidge
casts a spell

Although she didn’t say much, whenever the actress opened her mouth, the crowd erupted. She admitted that she stole the accent for her character from a foreign exchange student at her college, whose voice just didn’t match her “supermodel” looks. She also said that she was just “born lazy” when asked about her dream job, other than acting.

The best one of the night? When asked what cupcake each member of the cast would be, she answered with just one word: “Salmon.”

2. Whitney Cummings’ cheering section

The co-creator of the show wasn’t on stage for the panel, but that didn’t mean she would keep quiet. Every time someone on stage would reference her or say her name, she would let out a whooping scream from the audience. And it somehow didn’t get old -- even after the fourth time.

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3. Garrett Morris supports Prop. 215

A member of the original cast of Saturday Night Live, Morris certainly grew up in a different time than the rest of the cast. He still, however, supports marijuana. The comedian opened up about his addiction to cocaine (he’s seven years sober) and immediately after, said marijuana was still in the cards for him. “It’s good for glaucoma, it’s good for anxiety,” the actor says.

4. Max’s mom: still absent

While there weren’t many details revealed about upcoming episodes, one thing the panelists did reveal was that fans would not be meeting Max’s mom any time soon. “At least not in the next three weeks,” King says. He revealed during the session that viewers will learn about Max’s family life through the things she says, and that it would take a “very special actress” to have the honor of playing Max’s mom.

5. CBS does not like pig Latin

When asked about getting censored, King shared that the show usually gets everything through. One joke that did get cut: when Max said someone was “being a little “unty-kay.” It went through the first few tests, however the network finally caught it on one of the last screenings.

6. King praises the cast

While the majority of the panel consisted of jokes and light-hearted banter, there were a few moments where King praised his cast. He compared Dennings' casting to “finding a unicorn,” and that when Behrs came along, it was just as special. The best compliment he gave? If a joke didn't work, the writers would rewrite it since it likely wasn't the actor's fault.

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