9 Characters Beyond Jack Bauer Who Are Ready for a Comeback in '24: Legacy'

Kiefer Sutherland's counterterrorism agent isn't the only character worthy of a '24' return.

When the clock starts ticking on 24: Legacy in February, it'll do so for the first time without its most central figure.

With Kiefer Sutherland otherwise occupied as President Tom Kirkman on ABC's Designated Survivor, it's finally time for counterterrorism specialist Jack Bauer to take a step away from the real-time action. As hard as it is to imagine any version of 24 without Bauer in place, the show does have a deep bench of veteran characters who can stand alongside Legacy newcomers like Corey Hawkins, Miranda Otto and Jimmy Smits. Look no farther than Carlos Bernard, reprising his role as Tony Almeida in the upcoming 24 revival. The return of the Soul Patch is a fantastic first step for longtime 24 fans looking for signs of the good old days, and there are plenty of options to keep the hits coming.

Beyond Bauer, here are some of the other characters from 24 lore worth revisiting in Legacy.

1. Chloe O'Brian

Other than Jack, Chloe is easily the most popular character in the history of 24. Mary Lynn Rajskub's character is not only Bauer's blunt and brilliant eye in the sky, but also the show's greatest source of comedy. For someone who can inject immediate levity and familiarity into Legacy, look no farther than Jack's own sidekick.

2. Kim Bauer

Although Elisha Cuthbert exited 24 following the show's third season, she returned on numerous occasions to reprise her role as Jack's daughter. While the show is much more often miss than hit when it comes to Kim, there's no reason the character can't be reconceptualized with better stories and a stronger sense of her skills as a member of the Bauer family — something the show's seventh season actually accomplished quite nicely.

3. Chase Edmunds

Speaking of Kim, whatever happened to her season-three boyfriend? Last we saw him, he was in an emergency room needing to have his hand reattached after Bauer was forced to hack it off to stop the spread of a vicious virus. Chase was great for a one-season arc, and it would be fantastic to see today's more seasoned James Badge Dale reprise his role as an older and wiser version of the character.

4. The Live Another Day Squad

The show's London-based revival featured several characters worth revisiting, especially Yvonne Strahovski's battle-hardened agent, Kate Morgan — someone who was viewed at the time as a potential Bauer successor. Beyond Morgan, there's Benjamin Bratt as the traitorous Steve Navarro, Gbenga Akinnagbe as by-the-books agent Erik Ritter and several others who still have some serious real-time potential.

5. Agent Aaron Pierce

For a while there, Glenn Morshower's honorable and loyal Secret Service Agent Aaron Pierce was the only character other than Bauer to appear on every season of 24 … right up until season eight, when Live Another Day broke the streak. There are few living characters in the 24 universe more beloved or with more history than this man.

6. Former presidents of the United States

The world of 24 has not been kind to its White House inhabitants, often leaving them disgraced, if not dead. Among the living and worth-revisiting: James Heller (William Devane), last seen losing his mind after his daughter's death; Allison Taylor (Cherry Jones), who resigned in season eight after outing her own role in some regrettable scandals; and Charles Logan (Gregory Itzin), one of the show's all-time greatest villains, last seen shooting himself in the head — only for a doctor to state in the very next scene that Logan's suicide attempt was a failure, even though it left him severely injured.

7. Sandra Palmer

Both David Palmer (Dennis Haysbert) and Wayne Palmer (D.B. Woodside) served as president, and both men eventually were killed. (In Wayne's defense, his death was barely confirmed on the show; if Legacy wanted to bring him back into the fold, it's totally doable.) But there was a third Palmer sibling: Sandra, played by Regina King. If Legacy wants to bring its most prominent political family back into the spotlight, a Sandra Palmer comeback is the best way.

8. Mike Novick

Jude Ciccolella's wizened chief of staff is another character with deep ties to the Palmer family and several other political operators within the world of 24. With the series guaranteed to delve back into the political waters with Jimmy Smits' character running for president, there's plenty of reason to bring Mike back into the series.

9. Mandy

She's among the most mysterious and deadly entities in the 24 universe, ever since she blew up an airplane in the series premiere. Mia Kirshner's lethal assassin was last seen placed under arrest in the fourth season, but imprisonment is barely even a stumbling block for someone who almost single-handedly brought down the Palmer presidency back in season two. If Mandy ever appears in 24: Legacy, expect old-school fans to completely lose their minds with excitement.

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