'24: Live Another Day' Star: 'Everything Is Possible' in New Episodes

Kim Raver tells THR working with Kiefer Sutherland was a big draw for her return to the miniseries: "There is a trust factor that allows you to go to amazing places."
Kim Raver

On 24, Kim Raver has been tortured, helped save millions of lives and been the key love interest for one of television's most controversial anti-heroes.

Raver says when she was asked to reprise the role of Audrey Raines for 24: Live Another Day, she took stock of what her character has been through over the years.

"Audrey has been through the wringer and back," Raver tells The Hollywood Reporter. "In the opening of Live Another Day, you see the battle wounds on her. But she's so resilient, and she is finding her voice again. That's really fun for me to play."

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Fox's miniseries revival of the hit premieres the first two of 12 episodes Monday at 8 p.m. 

Raver says returning to work with Kiefer Sutherland was like coming home. The pair have previously worked on countless difficult and morally complicated scenes together. In season four, she learned Jack Bauer had let her then-husband die. The next season, Audrey was brutally tortured after being suspected of aiding terrorists. She credits her trust in Sutherland's abilities for helping her through those scenes.

"When working with Kiefer, everything is possible," she says. "There is a trust factor that allows you to go to amazing places. You definitely have that in the new episodes."

The actress says shooting in London, where the miniseries is set, presents its own sets of challenges. In the old days, she and Sutherland would rehearse their day's lines on set, and run changes by the writers on the fly. For Live Another Day, the writers are back in Los Angeles, but despite the time difference, they have made themselves available at short notice to discuss the scripts with her.

"There's a lot of intense stuff to shoot. And there are many hours of it," she says.

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In addition to her duties on 24, which is currently shooting, Raver is gearing up to partner with Colgate Total for National Women's Health Week beginning Sunday. The week encourages women to take time to think about their well-being through simple actions like making a doctor's appointment.

"We are so busy with work. We don't take the time to think about how we can take care of ourselves," Raver says.