'24' Movie: There's An 'Institutional Desire' To Do It

Former showrunner Howard Gordon says "conversations are definitely happening" but he "will not be heartbroken" if it doesn’t happen.
Kiefer Sutherland in "24"

It’s been more than a year since Fox’s 24 ended its run, but buzz surrounding a big-screen feature picking up where the Kiefer Sutherland thriller left off still lives large.

Showrunner Howard Gordon, on hand Thursday at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour to promote Showtime’s Homeland, noted that conversations are “definitely happening” to take the franchise to the big screen.

“There’s an institutional desire to do it,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “I know Kiefer wants to do it, we all want to do it. It’s just about finding the right script and not just doing it to do it.”

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Gordon, reflecting on the dramatic thriller’s conclusion, noted that completing the series was an uphill battle and, while proud of the work he’s done, is nervous about what a feature would entail.

“It’s something that I think if it doesn’t happen, I will not be heartbroken,” he said. “I’m very proud of that run and how it ended. It was very hard to get it to the finish line with some kind of grace in closure. Why mess it up? But if you find the right story …”

“I miss the character terribly and I know Kiefer does, too,” he said, adding that what’s currently in development takes place abroad and, unlike traditional episodes of the series, would likely expand to more than 24 hours.

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