'24' Reunion: 'Terra Nova's' Jon Cassar to Direct 'Touch' Episode

Jon Cassar
David Strick

"After the writers' strike, TV became all about, 'How can we do this cheaper?' So it was a big surprise when something like this was proposed just a few years later," says exec producer/director Cassar.

While he awaits word on the fate of Terra Nova, Jon Cassar will reunite with an old friend: Kiefer Sutherland.

The former 24 executive producer/director has signed on to helm an episode of Fox's drama Touch, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

Cassar -- who remains close with Sutherland -- last worked with him as a director/executive producer on Season 7 of the Fox terror drama and will direct the ninth episode of the series, which returns March 19.

From Heroes' Tim Kring, Sutherland stars as Martin, a single father whose mute 11-year-old son Jake (David Mazouz) has the ability to connect unrelated events through a rare gift with numbers with Martin charged with deciphering what it all means.

The project marks Cassar's latest 24 reunion, coming two years after he joined fellow 24 alum Brannon Braga as an executive producer/director on Fox's dinosaur drama Terra Nova in 2010.

Cassar's new gig comes days after Terra Nova star Stephen Lang booked a multiepisode arc on USA Network's In Plain Sight as the staff and cast of the series await word on its future.

The fate of Fox's expensive time-travel series, which stars Lang as the commander of a new colony 85 million years in the past, has yet to be determined, though Lang and co-star Jason O'Mara remain under contract through June 30 with the network's sibling studio, 20th Television.

After concluding its run in December, the series was considered likely to earn a second season before the network bowed J.J. Abrams drama Alcatraz and previewed Touch in the Monday night slot to strong returns. With word this week that House would end its run this season, whether Fox will bring Terra Nova back for a second season remains more uncertain than ever.

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