'30 Rock' Cast Reunite on 'Fallon,' Discuss Wild Parties and Backstage Secrets (Video)

Among the revelations: Tracy Morgan is pregnant (with Alec Baldwin's child), how Tina Fey originally pitched the show, and Jack McBrayer's Jordan impression.

The strength of TV nostalgia these days has brought back series, rekindled stars, and reunited the cast of 30 Rock before the show has even left the airwaves.

The long-running NBC comedy has two episodes left in its seven-season run, and both to promote the final installments and look back on their Emmy-winning glory days, star/creator Tina Fey's crew assembled for a special edition of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on Thursday.

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Along with Fey were co-stars Alec Baldwin, Jack McBrayer, Jane Krakowski and Tracy Morgan, assembled across the stage in a special format host Jimmy Fallon likened to an Oprah Winfrey special. Throughout the evening, the cast discussed how the show came together (Fey initially pitched it as a story about a news producer and a conservative anchor); Morgan's singing skills (which were put on display); and other backstage sagas.

Among the highlights: Morgan asserting that he is pregnant with Baldwin's child, McBrayer doing a pitch-perfect Morgan impression, cracks at NBC's expense, highlight reels and live episode breakdowns.

Also, in a bit of irony, this show actually saw the cast in the 30 Rock building; usually, they filmed in Queens.