'30 Rock' Cast to Tina Fey: 'Thanks For Everything' (Video)

30 Rock Series Finale Tina Fey - H 2013
Ali Goldstein/NBC

30 Rock Series Finale Tina Fey - H 2013

Thursday night's series finale of 30 Rock saw Liz Lemon round up the cast of TGS to get back together for one final episode of the variety show to avoid having to pay star Tracy Jordan an exorbitant contract fee. 

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The cast of NBC show, meanwhile, filmed an online clip to express their gratitude for creator Tina Fey with this simple message: "Tina Fey, Thanks for everything. Love, 30 Rock."

Stars Alec Baldwin, Jack Mcbrayer, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski along with Dean Winters (Dennis Duffy), executive producer and co-showrunner Robert Carlock and writer/producer Jack Burditt praised Fey's wit, humor and managerial skills.  

"The person at the top sets the tone," said Mcbrayer. "And, so if you have somebody who's just very talented, very happy to let other talented people do their job, good at delegating, that's all going to trickle down ... I think we've all been very lucky that the person at the top knows what she's doing, knows what she wants, and makes it happen."

Morgan even appeared to tear up at the end of the clip, before proclaiming, "she's a champion."