'30 Rock' Wedding Episode Features Cameo From Tina Fey's Daughter

30 Rock Tina Fey Daughter Split - H 2012

30 Rock Tina Fey Daughter Split - H 2012

The 30 Rock wedding was special for many reasons: Tony Bennett singing, Tracy (Tracy Morgan) cry-brushing his teeth, Jack (Alec Baldwin) channeling Harriet Tubman and the return of Liz's (Tina Fey) Princess Leia getup among them.

But what really stood out in the halfway point of the NBC comedy's final season was the apparent cameo from Fey's 7-year-old daughter, Alice. Reluctant to make her civil ceremony to Chris (James Marsden) a "special day," Liz recalled her first eye roll -- as a bridesmaid at her aunt's wedding. Enter Alice.

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A NBC rep could not confirm whether it was actually Alice, but recent photographs of Fey's oldest child make a very solid case.

After the quick cut to a skeptical and miniature Liz Lemon, Fey gives an epic eye roll of her own. Observe the adorable similarities. And check out the nuptials in the clip below: