5 Best 'SNL' Sketches Mocking North Korea

Dennis Rodman SNL Cold Open Still - H 2014

If tonight's new Saturday Night Live episode pokes fun at North Korea over the Sony hacking scandal, it certainly won't be the first time the sketch show has taken aim at the nation.

Over the years, SNL segments have focused on everything from Kim Jong Il's love of American movies to his son Kim Jong Un palling around with former NBA star Dennis Rodman.

Here are five of the show's best North Korea-centric sketches ever.

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Amy Poehler as Kim Jong Il (2010)

In a sketch offering potential sequels to the action film The Expendables, Poehler's Kim Jong Il spouts out a whole bunch of movie catchphrases.

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What is he drinking? (2013)

Apparent besties Kim Jong Un and Dennis Rodman stopped by Weekend Update together, where the leader enjoyed a strange beverage. He also hopped on Rodman's back without wearing any pants.

Kim Jong Un is just fine, thank you very much (2014)

Earlier this season, SNL commented on the North Korean leader's long absence from the public eye. The sketch involved Kim Jong Un getting punched in the chest, which wasn't as pleasant as he was expecting.

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Gay marriage is now legal in North Korea (2013)

Kim Jong Un explains all about his sexual prowess in this sketch, which includes an appearance from the real-life Rodman. Sadly, the basketball legend doesn't quite nail SNL's famous "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night" tagline.

Stay out of the water (2013)

There have been no shortage of Weekend Update jokes about the nation over the years, including this one from Seth Meyers about the country's not-too-intimidating bomb threat.

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