50 Cent Takes Down Osama bin Laden in Jimmy Kimmel's 'Zero Dark Fiddy' (Video)

Zero Dark Fiddy Skit - H 2013

Zero Dark Fiddy Skit - H 2013

The Senate on Monday quietly announced that it was dropping its investigation into the CIA's contact with the writer and director behind Zero Dark Thirty. Maybe they were just relieved that the real story of how Osama bin Laden was caught would finally make it out to the public.

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Following the premiere of his spoof Movie: The Movie 2V on Sunday's post-Oscars show on Sunday, Jimmy Kimmel continued his run of parodying Hollywood's big-budget fare. Next up: a twist on Zero Dark Thirty that stars 50 Cent as the only soldier with the guts and brains to take on bin Laden in his real hiding place: a storage locker in Los Angeles.

With a cameo by Fred Armisen as the late terrorist, the film is clearly a future hit -- even if no one can properly pronounce 50's name.

Of course, though he's best known for his rhymes, 50 Cent -- real name Curtis Jackson -- is also a prolific actor, with 21 projects to his name. That includes voice acting as a Navy SEAL in a 2009 Call of Duty game and playing a cop alongside Oscar winners Dustin Hoffman and Forest Whitaker in 2012's Freelancers.