'666 Park Avenue': Vanessa Williams' Safety at Stake in the Drake (Exclusive Video)

What better way to celebrate Halloween then to spend it at 666 Park Avenue?

In Sunday's episode, "A Crowd of Demons," the October holiday is front and center at the Drake. Olivia (Vanessa Williams), one-half of the powerful Doran couple that oversees the New York building, takes part in the annual festivities by putting the finishing touches in the Drake lobby in preparation for the costume gala.

The Hollywood Reporter has the exclusive scene of a dolled-up Olivia, who recalls a memorable 1929 Halloween night when murder and mayhem reigned supreme, as she brings a few friends for some innocent fun. Or is it?

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Here's some Drake history, straight from Olivia's lips: "Apartment 5F [is] where one of the first residents of the Drake, Peter Kramer, murdered his wife -- with a hatchet." One of Olivia's friends squirms out of entering the dreaded apartment, but her other friend takes Olivia's challenge on like a trooper: Spend five minutes alone in the dark, empty (and likely haunted) apartment. "You're on!"

As Olivia waits, a man wearing a gas mask appears behind her and puts her to sleep. What?! Does Gavin (Terry O'Quinn) have something to do with the mysterious man?

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Don't feel like watching the episode alone? 666 Park Avenue star Rachael Taylor will be live-tweeting during the East Coast airing of the episode.

Watch the frightful scene from this week's episode and sound off below.

666 Park Avenue airs 10 p.m. Sundays on ABC.

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