'666 Park Avenue's' Rachael Taylor: Jane Will Be a 'Totally Changed,' 'Unrecognizable' Woman

666 Park Avenue episodic "Murmurations" - H 2012

666 Park Avenue episodic "Murmurations" - H 2012

In 666 Park Avenue, there's something much more at play at New York's The Drake than friendly neighbors, luxurious dinners and employees to wait hand and foot for its residents.

As star Rachael Taylor previews, Sunday's episode -- an "homage to Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds," as she calls it -- will be the catalyst for her alter-ego, the ever-inquisitive Jane, to start connecting the dots about the mysterious supernatural presence of the apartment building. A development that will pay of in several weeks time, the former Charlie's Angels actress promised.

Though Jane and Henry (Dave Annable) are just settling into their new home at The Drake, Taylor told The Hollywood Reporter that as the episodes unfold, it will be discovered that Jane has her own connection. In fact, it's the fifth episode that changes her forever. "She goes on a very different path after that," teased Taylor, who also noted that Jane will be a "changed" woman by episode eight. 

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in a chat with THR, Taylor previewed Sunday's Hitchcock-esque episode, a "truly horrific" moment for Jane and just how Henry plays into this whole mystery.

The Hollywood Reporter: Jane is slowly discovering that The Drake may not be as it seems. What can you reveal about what she's going to be experiencing and learning now that she's suspicious of the Dorans and the building itself?

Rachael Taylor: Episode two, we do a homage to Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. We don't just do that for the sake of it. My character discovers that there's a infestation of sparlings in the building. It leads her closer to discovering something very significant about The Drake. As I talk about, I realize how interwoven these story lines actually are because in episode two, the birds lead her to discovering something in the basement, which leads her all the way to episode five, where something truly horrific happens to Jane -- or almost happens to my character -- which really changes her dramatically. Up until that episode, Jane is curious and her feelings of suspicion and her intuition that there is a supernatural occurence in the building grows and grows and grows. And in episode five, those suspicions are confirmed. She goes on a very different path after that. We're never going to do Texas Chainsaw Massacre violence, but we're definitely setting up all these pieces to a puzzle that is something much greater.

THR: Henry also factors into Gavin's (Terry O'Quinn) grand plan. What can you reveal about his increased involvement in the mystery of The Drake?

Taylor: In episode four, you're going to see Henry get in a sticky situation in the political world in New York. You think it's a deviation from the path of the solving the puzzle of The Drake, but actually it's going to get us closer. The story is plotted really rather elegantly.

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THR: How much does Jane and Henry's relationship change during this time?

Taylor: Henry is Gavin's protege in a way. Jane is at first the person who provides access for the Gavin to Henry, but she's going to be the stumbling block. She's the chink in Gavin's armor because she's a highly investigative young woman. And also, we learn that Jane has her own mysterious connection to the building and what's been going on. That's going to prove to be very problematic for Jane and Henry's relationship. Jane also starts to bond with Vanessa [Williams'] character Olivia and we realize that Olivia has not gotten off scott free in terms of these Faustian bargains either. I believe Olivia isn't truly evil -- she may be privvy to some evil goings-on -- and that she's got a lot at stake for her own reasons as well.

THR: How does Jane change as the threat of the supernatural presence grows bigger?

Taylor: It's been exciting for me to start Jane at a place where she's innocent and simple and in some ways naive. By episode eight, the hint that I would offer is that she is really unrecognizable. She is a totally changed woman.

THR: Is there a scene that sticks out for you?

Taylor: In episode two, there's a turning point where Jane makes a discovery in the basement and she finally demands to a construction worker: "I want you to demolish that wall. I need to know what's behind that wall." That hint at Jane starting to become a little bit more determined to find out what it actually wrong with the building, a little more declarative about her intuitions that something might not be right in this world. The other episode I'm excited for people to see is episode three. I do a lot of work with Vanessa and we learn more about Olivia, what she may have lost at the hands of Gavin and what she may have lost at the hands of The Drake. Whatever power the building has, we learn that it's cost her something too.

THR: Going back to last week's premiere, how do you think it was received?

Taylor: I've been on a couple of shows now and the thing that's been cool about this one is that people seem to be into it, commenting specifically about what things mean like what does the dragon mean? Which tells me that we're setting up the right kind of suspense and the right kind of intrigue as my character starts to unlock the puzzle of The Drake. It's been cool tracking it on social media and it's my optimistic expectation that we're going to find a cool, loyal little fanbase because that's the kind of show we're making. We're making something specific and it's a horror-thriller-genre show with melodramatic elements. We feel confident that we're making the show that we want to make.

Watch a scene from Sunday's episode below:

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666 Park Avenue airs 10 p.m. Sundays on ABC.

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