7 Overly Rehearsed Lindsay Lohan Soundbites from Her 'Today' Interview (Video)

In her sitdown with NBC's Matt Lauer, the tabloid target sounded like a broken record as she rehashed her long-standing commitment to acting.
Peter Kramer/NBC

File under "We've Heard This Before": Lindsay Lohan -- surprise -- is finally ready to clean up her act, and return to acting after years in the tabloid spotlight.

The one-time promising actress, who's now 25 but looks much older (which could work in her favor, as she's in talks to play the late Elizabeth Taylor in a Lifetime biopic), claims sobriety and -- yet again -- vows to regain standing in the film industry.

In an interview with Matt Lauer that aired Thursday on NBC's Today show, Lohan -- in full-on PR mode -- spun a familiar narrative of recovery. Behold, her most poignant (and sanitized) soundbites:

1. "I've kind of just taken a step back and and said, 'I'm not doing what I love to do,' and I need a way to kind of find that balance again."

2. "I think it gets very lonely in this industry, because you're constantly with people and then you're alone. So it's kind of [that] I just allowed a lot of people to be around me at all times, and I don't think they were necessarily there for the right reasons, and I wasn't concerned about that."

3. "I think I was being a bit ignorant toward the fact that maybe I should not go out all the time. Maybe I should rest, maybe I should start to grow up and take care of myself."

4. "I regret the choices that I've made, but I'm grateful for where I am today. I don't need to see any more negative stuff. I don't need to put myself in those places anymore."

5. "I could see where it could be scary for people to invest in me and I don't want people to have that reason to be scared anymore."

6. "I really want to focus on my work right now. I really do, and that's the first time ever in my life that I've said that."

7. "I still need to go through the process of proving myself."

For another take on the Lohan-Lauer interview, check out Conan O'Brien's recent spoof. Lohan, meanwhile, is set to host Saturday NIght Live this weekend, marking a would-be comeback for the troubled star.

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