'90210': Jessica Lowndes Teases a New Adrianna

"As many times as Adrianna comes to Silver and says I'm sorry, it still has to be more than that because the trust is completely gone," Stroup tells The Hollywood Reporter.
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Jessica Lowndes

While the West Beverly gang may be leaving high school behind when Season 4 of the CW’s 90210 premieres Tuesday, one thing will remain the same: Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) is still the black sheep of the group.

After swapping Silver’s (Jessica Stroup) bipolar medication in an effort to win back Navid (Michael Steger) and pushing her friend to the point of contemplating suicide, Lowndes reached a low point where she came thisclose to thrusting herself off a cliff and taking her own life.

But Ade’s plotting ways quickly change in Season 4 and, as Lowndes tells THR, Ade will be focused on making her way back into everyone’s good graces when the season gets under way. “Over the summer, she’s made the decision that she’s going to be a better person and she’s going to try to redeem herself and win back everyone’s trust,” she says.

Stroup, meanwhile, says Silver -- who without her meds wound up contemplating suicide -- will make Ade work to earn her trust again after and that it won’t happen overnight. “As many times as Adrianna comes to Silver and says I’m sorry, it still has to be more than that because the trust is completely gone,” Stroup tells The Hollywood Reporter.

“Silver was at the point of suicide last year and they kind of have a conversation about that because so was Adrianna at the end of last year’s season,” she says. “It’s a very delicate balance of how low this friendship has gotten.”

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While Lowndes teases that the process is a slow one, the actress revealed that she will have some early support from a few unlikely sources.

“Dixon (Tristan Wilds) is the first character that takes her under his wing and he really feels sorry for her,” she says. “He’s her only friend even though he doesn’t really trust her. She starts doing these acts of kindness that slowly wins back people’s trust and you see her heart.”

Steger told THR that Navid and Ade ultimately wind up running into one another early on and are forced to discuss their frayed friendship. “He’s forgiving but he realizes that he needs to put a distance between them,” he says.

Lowndes says Dixon will go above and beyond to help Ade get back on her feet after the stunts she pulled to rocket to fame in the music industry come full circle, connecting her with a job waitressing at Liam’s bar, providing her a direct link to everyone she’s so desperately trying to win back. “Right now she’s anti-music and she thinks it’s the devil,” Lowndes says.

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Eventually, music could end up being the way in which she begins to re-earn Silver’s trust, noting that she’ll miss singing and use her talents differently when she returns to the stage, singing one of her own songs in Episode 6. “It’s different than any other Ade that you’ve seen because she’s not fame driven or addicted to anything, it’s a truthful, honest expression of what she’s gone through and her pain.”

Says Stroup: “There’s an event where Ade is not supposed to be singing at and she ends up needing to and we have a confrontation in front of a lot of people. It’s one of those things that brings them into the same atmosphere, the same area and they have to deal with their problems.”

While Ade continues to be the character who most frequently is in need of reinvention, Lowndes offers that her character won’t return to her old tricks to try and win back Navid.

“I love Adrianna and Navid together but I don’t think that’s even where Adrianna’s head is at right now,” she offers. “She’s definitely just trying to get friends back let alone the love of her life.”

90210’s fourth season premieres Tuesday at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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