A&E's 'Governor's Wife': Edwin Fails at Shopping for His Daughters (Exclusive Video)

A&E's The Governor's Wife takes a deeper look at the marriage between ex-convict/former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards and his third wife, Trina Scott, more than 50 years his junior.

The Hollywood Reporter debuts an exclusive first look at one of Sunday's episodes, which follows Trina attempting to plan a birthday party for Edwin's two 60-something daughters, while also preparing for their new baby.

In this particular scene, Edwin -- along with Trina's two young sons from a previous marriage -- heads to a local boutique store to seek out appropriate gifts for his grown children. "Party plannin' is easy but shopping is something I don't like to do," Edwin admits in a talking head segment as we see him ask the saleswoman for help.

TV REVIEW: A&E's 'The Governor's Wife'

Edwin quizzically picks up a blue bandeau, suggesting that maybe that's the right present. "I don't know what that is. Maybe that's a stomach retainer," Edwin hypothesizes. But one of Trina's young sons gets him back on the right track: "I think that goes over the boobs, Mr. Edwin."

Edwin asks if a pair of jean shorts appropriate for a teenager would be a good gift. When he's shot down, he jokes to one of the boys: "I'll buy 'em for you if you want 'em...."

When they ask him what 60-somethings are into these days, the answers aren't very sexy. Think aspirin and things of the like.

Just how much is he willing to spend? Watch the clip above to find out.

The Governor's Wife airs back-to-back episodes 10 p.m. Sundays on A&E.

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