James Corden, Audra McDonald and Dan Stevens Turn 'A Quiet Place' Into a Musical

James Corden was joined by Dan Stevens and Audra McDonald on Monday’s edition of The Late Late Show’s “Inappropriate Musicals.” After naming a number of Broadway musicals inspired by popular films, Corden jokingly explained, “There are so many more great movie possibilities, so tonight we proudly present scenes from a trio of exciting new screen-to-stage adaptations.”

The first film converted into a stage production was Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver. Stevens took on the role of Travis Bickle. The 1976 film’s famous “You talkin’ to me?” scene was quickly turned into a musical number when Corden appeared onstage as Bickle’s reflection. Corden began the song by singing, “You talkin’ to me?” and Stevens replied, “I’m talkin’ to you!” Stevens eventually leads Corden out of the mirror and the two begin a choreographed dance with canes and sequined top hats. The musical number ends with Corden and Stevens singing in unison, “We’re both talkin’ to me!”

The next Broadway production was inspired by Guillermo del Toro’s film The Shape of Water. Corden stars in the musical as “Amphibian Man” and McDonald takes on the role of Elisa Esposito. “It started small. Two lovers passing eggs. Just a girl and a fish with legs,” sang McDonald as she passed Corden eggs while he was hidden behind a curtain in a bathtub. “I can’t deny love larger than a whale,” Corden belted out as he revealed himself in a scaly wet suit. “When a fish loves a woman he becomes a man,” he sang as McDonald joined him in the tub. McDonald replied, “When a woman loves a fish, she fries him in a pan.” The two eventually make their way out of the tub as they continue to sing about their feelings for each other.

The final film-turned-musical featured in the sketch is A Quiet Place. After Corden steps into a cornfield and unintentionally makes noise, McDonald and Stevens appear as Corden’s parents and sing in hushed tones, “It’s a quiet place. It’s a really quiet place. It’s a quiet place. Don’t make a sound.” The advice provokes Corden to scream. “Don’t make a sound in case monsters will eat your face. Just keep it down,” McDonald and Stevens continue before Corden once again yelled, “Bang! Pow! Airplane!” while showing off his dance moves.

The parents plead for their son to stay quiet, though Corden responded, “It’s very hard for me.” Corden eventually broke out in a dance. “It’s a quiet place, mama. I’m out of luck! I still gotta sing, my baby. I don’t give a—“ sang Corden before his parents covered his mouth. The sketch ends as the characters hear the monsters growl and they sing together, “It’s a quiet place!”