Godzilla Attacks and Volcano Armageddon Predicted in Ex-Weatherman's Spoof Forecast (Video)

Aaron Justus was once a meteorologist. Now, he's a beer brewer. In this new video, he combines his two areas of expertise.

Having spent years telling the state of Virginia what to expect from Mother Nature, Justus got back in front of the green screen to tweak his former meteorologist brethren. And why not? He's a beer brewer in San Diego, where, presumably, the weather is excellent at all times.

With the east coast undergoing a massive heat wave, Justus turned up the temperature on the hyperbole, predicting -- with a straight face, no less -- that volcanoes would erupt and bring temperatures up to 400 -- celsius. And, even more plausibly, Godzilla would come and wreck the state; that, of course, after the Super Storm that brings in 100 feet of rain.

He posted the video on his YouTube page, so no panic, presumably, went down in Richmond. Which is a bit unfortunate, given how fun Godzilla movies are.