Aaron Paul Said He Had 'Breaking Bad' Nightmares About Krysten Ritter's Jane

Aaron Paul Conan H 2016

Aaron Paul Conan H 2016

While on Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul used to have some pretty disturbing dreams.

The Path star noted on Tuesday's Conan that he used to dream intensely as his character, Jesse Pinkman.

"Not in a good way, in a very violent, scary, scary way," he told O'Brien. "People running after me with guns."

Specifically, his dreams would recall one of the series' most heartbreaking episodes. 

"I would dream as if I'd wake up and I'd see Jane there, lying dead next to me," Paul said of Krysten Ritter's arc. "I'd try to revive her, and then I'd wake up out of a nightmare, I'm like, 'Oh, my God, that was a dream,' and then it's Jane again."

Paul explained, "As an actor, you try and force yourself to believe that situations are truly happening to you as the character. I was just so in that guy's skin for so many years."

During the episode, Paul also recalled his oddly sexual, yet very lucrative, Juicy Fruit ad.

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