Aaron Paul Pranks 'Breaking Bad' Fans With Jesse Pinkman Spinoff Hoax

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 9 Jesse Walter - H 2013

Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 9 Jesse Walter - H 2013

Better call Jesse! (Or not.) 

Breaking Bad alum Aaron Paul tantalized fans on Instagram by claiming he was going to be involved with a secret project.

On Monday, he used Periscope to reveal that the project was a Breaking Bad spinoff, with Bad creator Vince Gilligan on board for a series that would follow Jesse Pinkman in Alaska (where fans assume he went after the original series).

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Some fans were fooled, and to them it seemed somewhat believable. One purely fan theory floating around the Internet posits that Breaking Bad is actually part of a trilogy, with the prequel Better Call Saul part one, Breaking Bad part two, and a Jesse Pinkman follow-up to become part three. 

Paul's Twitter feed was inundated with congratulations before others realized it was a prank and expressed anger at the trick. 

Paul quickly apologized to his fans for the prank.

Don't worry, Breaking Bad fans. There's always Better Call Saul season two, expected on AMC early next year.