'Desperate Housewives': Anyone See a Dead Body?

In the search for the missing corpse, the women find their friendships tested on Sunday's episode.

Can you feel November sweeps in the air? If you’re a Desperate Housewives fan, then you should. After several episodes of exploring the guilt among the women after Carlos (Ricardo Chavira) killed Gaby’s (Eva Longoria) abusive stepfather last season and the women helped to dispose of the body, the actual stakes of the crime are starting to get higher.

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On the last episode, the women discovered that the body was missing and they went into a tailspin trying to figure out who had done it. On Sunday’s episode, we discovered that Ben’s (Charles Mesure) men discovered the body while surveying the land for his construction project.

Bree (Marcia Cross), who has been working very hard to keep the caper a secret and manage the other housewives at the same time, caught wind that something had closed down Ben’s construction project and went to him. He told her what his men had found. She discovered that there was no way around Ben reporting the body to the police. In a rare fit of emotion, she ran to the gravesite and Ben followed. There, she admitted everything to him and he still decided he had to report the body.

Chuck (Jonathan Cake), who discovered a missing person’s report and remembered the man from last Halloween, paid Bree a visit. While trying to get her to confess to knowing something about the man’s disappearance, Ben stepped in and made him leave. He then told Bree that he had changed his mind and he would get rid of the body. Ben passed that task on to Mike (James Denton).

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This is where Susan’s (Teri Hatcher) storyline comes in. She had been struggling with expressing herself in her art class. That had been kind of a boring storyline up until now in my opinion. After Mike informed her of what Ben asked him to do, she ran to Bree’s house only to discover that the women already knew. She also discovered that wasn’t the only thing they were keeping from her. She hadn’t been told about Bree’s blackmail letter or the trip to dig up the body in the first place. That made her extremely angry and she told the women she was done with them. She ran back home and painted her most confessional piece of artwork to date: The scene in which the women buried the body the first time around.

I’m extremely impressed with how the writers have managed to have several story lines meet up in this episode. I had wondered if Ben had something to do with the missing body, but I had predicted that he wasn’t acting alone. Now, I see that Ben may have his own set of reasons for making sure Bree will owe him a favor and I can’t wait to see how he cashes in on it. I also can’t wait to see how the women explain Susan’s very damning painting in the next episode. What are your thoughts on how this secret just won’t die?

The other major storyline in the episode brought Lynette (Felicity Huffman) and Tom’s (Doug Savant) separation to an even deeper level. In her jealousy (surprise!) of Tom’s new girlfriend’s relationship with their daughter, Lynette made her feel bad about spending time with them. After seeing that she had really endangered the father-daughter relationship, Lynette told her daughter, Penny, that she should have never said the things she had said. In the end, it seems to me that Lynette is finally seeing that she can't control what Tom is going to do from now on. Did you think the separation would get this bad?

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