ABC Family's 'The Fosters': Callie Goes Back to the Streets (Exclusive Photo)

THR debuts a first-look image from the Jan. 13, 2014, winter premiere.
ABC Family
"The Fosters"

Is Callie (Maia Mitchell) reverting back to her old life?

The return of ABC Family's The Fosters is less than one month away and The Hollywood Reporter exclusively debuts a first-look image from the Jan. 13 winter premiere.

After Callie runs away from the Fosters following an unplanned kiss with foster brother Brandon (David Lambert) at Stef's and Lena's wedding, her spur-of-the-moment decision starts to affect each family member. Her little brother, Jude (Hayden Byerly), and Brandon, both hit hardest by Callie's sudden exit, struggle to make sense of her unplanned departure.

From the photo, it appears Callie returns to her old life, cavorting with the wrong crowd and hanging out in dangerous neighborhoods. Will she set herself straight?

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