ABC News' Steve Osunsami Reveals Childhood Poverty

For the network's series "Hunger at Home: Crisis in America," he reveals he grew up on food stamps.

ABC News correspondent Steve Osunsami reveals his childhood poverty in a special report for the network “Hunger at Home: Crisis in America."

Osunsami grew up with his family using food stamps.

"I was a Head Start kid. A food stamp kid. A public housing kid. A Section-8 kid. A government cheese kid. And at many times, a kid who was food insecure," he writes in a Reporter's Network blog posted on the ABC's site.

"My mother worked in a cafeteria at a hospital in town. God rest her soul. She struggled to feed our family of seven and somehow pay the bills. When she could pay them, the bills came first," he adds.

"Today I look back on all those years, how hard I tried to hide the desperation in my life, and I realize how foolish my feelings were. None of it was my fault. I was still a good person. And there were so many people who felt deeply for me and were willing to help," he goes on.

The series begins airing on Wednesday.