'Revenge' Star Madeleine Stowe's Car Crushed By Uprooted Tree

Madeleine Stowe Lexus SUV KTLA Photo - H 2011
Photo by Tom Ballantyne as seen in the Palisadian-Post

Madeleine Stowe Lexus SUV KTLA Photo - H 2011

She plays the villainous Victoria Grayson on ABC’s Revenge, but what just happened to Madeleine Stowe in real life seems a bit too close to the witch’s fate from The Wizard of Oz.

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“Well, I just drove home,” Stowe tells KTLA. “I went in to the house and in about five minutes I heard this huge crash, the car alarm went off and this huge, huge, beautiful old oak tree pancaked the car.”

The tree not only managed to flatten Stowe’s Lexus SUV, but it also blocked the cul de sac where she lives in L.A.'s Santa Monica Canyon, the Palisadian-Post newspaper reports. It took a city crew four hours on Monday to cut through the monstrous tree that fell over due to a root fungus.

“There are several other trees on [the street] that should be evaluated to see if they are safe,' arborist Carl Mellinger tells the newspaper.

Thankfully, no one was injured in this incident. I can’t say the same for Stowe’s Lexus SUV.

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