'Suburgatory' Enlists Robin Givens to Play Dallas's Sorority Days Rival

The actress will guest star on a March episode of the new ABC comedy series.
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I’m totally dating myself with this reference, but if anyone watched the late-80s ABC comedy, Head of the Class, then you would know how perfect this casting is.

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An ABC spokesperson confirms to The Hollywood Reporter that Robin Givens will guest star on its new comedy, Suburgatory, as first reported by EW. 

She’ll play Tulsa, a former nemesis from queen of the suburban housewives Dallas’s (Cheryl Hines) sorority days. Prepare yourself for some 80s reminiscing on the episode to air in March, such as the time Tulsa stole Dallas’s boyfriend… and her Olivia Newton-John legwarmers. Like, that’s so wrong.

So, if you remember Givens’ spoiled and self-centered rich girl character from Head of the Class, then you know why this casting is perfection.

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Of course, Givens has gone on to other acting pursuits since then. She most recently appeared in a recurring guest role on NBC’s Chuck as black ops director, Jane Bentley, and starred last year on the NBC children’s show, My Parents, My Sister, and Me. Additionally, her film credits include Boomerang, Head of State, and Blankman.

Suburgatory airs Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. on ABC.

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