'Suburgatory' Star Jeremy Sisto: 'I'd Personally Want to Raise My Child in New York'

The actor tells THR how he landed the series and his thoughts on its story premise.

For fans of Jeremy Sisto’s acting, it may have been strange to hear that he’s starring in the new ABC comedy series, Suburgatory. He enters the show after a string of edgy, dramatic roles including Six Feet Under and Law & Order. The actor says he’s lucky that the show's team had some vision.

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“I’d done some silly videos online with some friends that I think helped me get this role, helped them see me in a lighter perspective,” Sisto tells The Hollywood Reporter. “I think that was helpful. And some people in this industry have an ability to imagine and fortunately those people were casting the show. So, they could see me outside of the box I’ve been in for a while.”

THR spoke to Sisto about landing the role as George Altman, a single dad who moves his teenage daughter to the suburbs, on the new comedy series, why it attracted him, and whether he’d make the same decision as his character.

The Hollywood Reporter: What are your thoughts on the decision your character has made in moving his daughter to the suburbs?

Jeremy Sisto: I think it’s a very relatable concept, because a lot of people do it. It’s easier in a lot of ways to fathom raising a child in a more protected environment. I don’t think it’s better. I personally would rather raise my child in New York. It seems like it would be easier to make sure she or he gets a whole bunch of experience and understanding of the world. But, people in general think it’s easier to raise a kid when you don’t have so much stuff in your face. In general, you don’t want to move your kids when they’re teenagers. They’re not going to be happy with you.

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THR: What attracted you to the series?

Sisto: I loved the relationship between the father and the daughter and I think it’s a uniquely honest and fun relationship. And it just made me laugh.

THR: Jane Levy was cast before you. Why do you think she landed the role?

Sisto: There’s a lot of actors out there or people who want to be actors. It’s unique to find somebody that, you know, needs to be an actor. Jane’s one of those people. She brings a lot of intelligence to the stuff she does. I don’t think it was a difficult choice. Sometimes it takes thinking outside of the box and you can tell pretty quickly with this one. Don’t tell her I told you that.

Suburgatory airs Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. on ABC.

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