ABC's 'Revenge': Meet Emily Thorne's Men

THR's primer to the young gentlemen who surround the series' lead character.

On the season premiere of ABC’s Revenge, we met Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp). On the surface, she’s a wealthy orphan who easily charms her way into the inner circles of The Hamptons' upper class. But, she hides a secret that enables her to tear down her family’s enemies without remorse and without them knowing who she really is.

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As the season continues, we’ll get to know the young men in Emily’s life better. In different ways, they’ll play into her master plan to bring down Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe) and her family.

Here’s The Hollywood Reporter’s introduction to the young men who'll play a role in Emily’s life.

Daniel Grayson (pictured top, left): Son of Emily’s chief target, Victoria Grayson, and therefore a person of interest to Emily.

“Daniel is kind of held in a bird cage,” Josh Bowman (Make It or Break It) says. “He doesn’t want to really be a part of this society he’s grown up in. He wants to break the mold and find himself as his own person.”

“Daniel’s part of Emily’s big plan to bring down the Grayson family,” he goes on to say. “He doesn’t know that and he falls head over heels for this woman that’s so different from all the girls he’s met.”

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Nolan Ross (pictured top, right)Tech genius and social misfit. His connection to Emily’s past makes him both useful as well as a liability.

“Nolan and Emily have a complicated relationship,” says Gabriel Mann (Mad Men). “He is the only one who knows her secret and there’s something to be said for that. He’s a unpredictable guy and she hopes that he’s going to do the right thing with that secret. I think we find out he’s very slippery. He feels he gets her, but she doesn’t know that yet.”

Jack Porter (pictured bottom, right)Blue-collar guy who grew up on the dock and runs the family’s business and local hangout, the Stowaway Tavern. He was a childhood friend of Emily’s.

“Jack is a dude from her past,” Nick Wechsler (Roswell) says. “That’s obvious. What might not be obvious is he sort of represents her sort of innocence and her simple happiness. The connection she had with him was probably the last before her life changed for the worse.”

“He doesn’t know she’s the girl from his past,” he continues. “She knows full well who he is. And he’s kind of the flaw in her plan. He threatens the whole thing.”

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Declan Porter (pictured bottom, left)Jack’s younger brother who’s envious of the wealth that surrounds him and may throw a wrench in Emily’s plans.

“He has been there his whole life, which means he was there when Emily was Amanda,” Connor Paolo (Gossip Girl) tells us. “That’s essential, because he and his brother, Jack, are links to her past. Beyond that, Declan is in love and courting the daughter of the family that Emily has come there specifically to ruin.”

Revenge airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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