Adam Brody Lends His Voice to MTV Animated Series (Video)

Fans of The O.C., rejoice. With Adam Brody contributing his vocal styling to a new MTV series, three quarters of the original crew is back in the TV game.

Ben McKenzie was first to jump in with Southland, while Rachel Bilson will be seen in the CW’s upcoming Hart of Dixie. Brody, however, is hitting the beach for his turn in the upcoming animated series, Good Vibes.

Also starring Jake Busey, Josh Gad, Debi Mazar and more, Good Vibes hit Comic-Con last week with MTV to show some never before seen footage. According to the show description, Brody plays a surf loving, “down-to-Earth outcast from his ‘O.C./Laguna Beach’ family.”

The David Gordon Green created animation will air this Fall on MTV.

Watch a clip of the show below and try to guess which character gets her voice from Eastbound & Down’s Danny McBride. Yes, we said “her.” 


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