Adam Green Previews 'Holliston,' FEARnet's First Original Series (Exclusive Video)

The writer-actor tells THR that the scripted series will have lots of horror references, the comedy finds inspiration from such comedies as "Taxi," "Friends" and "All in the Family."
Matt Carr/Getty Images
Adam Green

Cable network FEARnet officially enters the scripted world with Holliston, its first original comedy series from writer-actor Adam Green.

The twisted comedy, which the net picked up to series in August, revolves around Adam (Adam Green) and Joe (Joe Lynch), two friends living in Holliston, MA, who struggle to make ends meet in their post-college jobs at a Boston cable-access station where they also host a late-night movie show titled The Movie Crypt.

Creator Green says the comedy -- which has its fair share of horror references and cartoonish bits of violence -- draws from his own career struggles.

"Too often, sitcoms have supermodel-looking casts who somehow exist in a world where they magically have money, fancy clothes and nice living accommodations," he told The Hollywood Reporter. "Holliston focuses on that period of life when nothing is coming together like they told you it would."  

Green says he was inspired to create Holliston by classic comedies from the likes of Seinfeld and Taxi, two series that both included realistic day-to-day craziness with people struggling to find their way professionally. (Did Seinfeld's George ever really quit while he was ahead?)

"Taxi was an inspiration for me as on that show the characters were all in their own sort of purgatory, doing a job that they all felt was just a temporary stop on their way to something greater," he says, noting Seinfeld's Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David were the masters of making real reactions funny. 

Despite being on a horror-themed network, Green notes Holliston isn't dark, frightening or disturbing -- it's just a comedy that happens to take place in the horror world. "Society forgets sometimes that horror fans aren't all about realistic violence or sadistic disturbing imagery," he notes. "It's about time that horror fans were represented as main characters and real people within the world of a traditional multicamera sitcom; we've always been the off-beat supporting characters or sight-gags."

Holliston premieres Tuesday, April 3 at 10:30 p.m. on FEARnet. Check out an exclusive clip below from the third episode with co-stars Corri English and Laura Ortiz.

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