Adam Pally on Why 'Making History' Offers a Timely Comedic Take on Time Travel

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Qantrell Colbert/FOX

Fox's Making History is hoping to distinguish itself from the 2016-17 broadcast season's other time travel shows with a little humor.

"I don't view it as we're in competition with them at all, because they're doing such a different thing," said series creator Julius Sharpe during a panel for the show at the Television Critic's Association winter press tour of ABC's Time After Time and NBC's Timeless, two freshman series that also revolve around time travel.

"Our show is a romantic comedy about how two people who see the world differently can get together as well as make friends across time and have a buddy comedy. We're not dealing with serious implications constantly that I think they're dealing with," he added.

Joked castmember Yassir Lester — who stars in the series alongside Adam Pally and Leighton Meester — to laughs from the Langham Hotel ballroom: "And in one of the episodes, we go back a year and kidnap the cast from Timeless and Time After Time."

Among the show's comedic elements: The characters jump to past eras through a duffel bag that has a set of controls on it. Why a duffel bag? "The one thing I didn't want to do is spend all my time at work dealing with some big orb on set, so I thought about what would be the easy thing production wise," said Sharpe, adding that the idea of multiple people zipped up in a duffel bag amused him.

Pally offered another reason why the show's comedy is timely. "With what's going on in America right now, people are looking for a bit of escapism, and we were lucky enough to be making this show at a time politically where we get to look back at the way America was formed and the rights that we hold so dear that are now kind of being taken away from us," said Pally, who joked with reporters asking him questions if they were "fake news" or not.

Sharpe also revealed that he has notes on his phone about revisiting the Constitution in season two should the network order more of the comedy. "We just have to wait for Lin-Manuel [Miranda] to say yes," joked Pally of a potential Hamilton crossover.

For Meester, Making History was just what she was looking for at the time. After dabbling in music and Broadway for a bit, the Gossip Girl alum had her sights set on a TV comedy. "This script came my way, and it was exactly what i wanted to do," she said. "I just want to live in a world that's fun and have fun on set."

Making History premieres March 5 on Fox.