Adam Sandler and Bob Barker Get Violent While Reviving 'Happy Gilmore' Feud (Video)

Bob Barker Adam Sandler Too Many Stars Still - H 2015

Adam Sandler and Bob Barker have apparently not been able to mend fences, even after all these years.

The pair, who memorably came to blows in the film Happy Gilmore, is at it again, firing up their bad blood during a segment from Comedy Central's upcoming Night of Too Many Stars special.

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The two guys try to play nice at the start of the bit, with Sandler visiting the former Price Is Right host in a hospital. But things quickly spin out of control.

"How old are you — 60?" Barker asks Sandler. "I guess doing all those movies without me took its toll."

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Then the proceedings turn violent, with a vase, drywall and even human urine getting used as weapons. "I wish I could see David Spade's face when he finds out there won't be a Grown Ups 3," Barker says after a particularly vicious move against Sandler. 

Night of Too Many Stars airs March 8 at 8 p.m. on Comedy Central. The segment can be seen below.

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