'SNL': Adam Sandler, Chris Rock Sing Duet About Getting Fired in Opening Monologue

Adam Sandler, Chris Rock 'SNL' Monologue — Screenshot — H 2019

It's been 24 years since former castmember Adam Sandler appeared on NBC's Saturday Night Live, but he returned to host the show this week for the first time and was quick to poke fun about his departure.

"I love seeing old friends and making new friends," he said at the top of his monologue, referencing the fact that he was only 23 years old when he started working on the late-night sketch series. Despite feeling humbled to return, the comedian addressed the real reason for his departure by breaking into a song about getting fired from the show.

"I tried to call Lorne Michaels / But he never called me back," Sandler sang. "I was fired, not rehired / well, it made me sad and blue." 

In the song, he also made fun of some of the parody songs that defined the early part of his career: "Maybe they were sick of Canteen Boy, but I think they just hate the Jews." 

Fellow former castmember Chris Rock then made a surprise cameo during his monologue, to also sing about the time he was fired by NBC. "Why did I leave the show? Well, Adam, I got fired," Rock started singing. "I was fired. I was fired by NBC / Then I went on In Living Color / Three weeks later they took it off TV." 

Current castmember Pete Davidson also joined for the musical monologue, to which Sandler warned him that he could be next to get fired. 

"It broke my heart to pieces / 'Cause SNL was my home / Where can I do my silly voices now? / I never felt so alone," Sandler also sang. 

"NBC said that I was done," he continued. "Then I made over 4 billion dollars at the box office / So I guess you could say I won." He also referenced the funny voices that he frequently did on the show during his tenure, including a callback to his “Hanukkah Song.”