Adam Sandler Offers Up Wife Swap With Tom Cruise (Video)

On the "Late Show," the "Jack and Jill" star said he spoke to Cruise about his love scenes with co-star Katie Holmes.
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Adam Sandler’s new comedy, Jack and Jill, features Sandler as Jack, whose life is turned upside down when his twin sister, Jill (also played by Sandler) comes into town.
Sandler stopped by the Late Show With David Letterman on Wednesday to promote the film, which opens in theatres on Friday.

In the film, Katie Holmes plays Sandler’s wife. Holmes and her husband Tom Cruise are friends with Sandler and his wife in real life, and Sandler talked to Letterman about Cruise’s reactions to Jack and Jill.

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Cruise, who has developed a reputation for being a protective husband, first met Sandler when he hosted Saturday Night Live years ago.

Sandler said he was out to dinner with Cruise and Holmes just before the movie started shooting.

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"This is weird that my wife is going to be your wife in the movie, it's very weird, it's bizarre," Sandler recalled Cruise saying.

"It's a PG movie, no worries, nothing is going to happen," he told Cruise. "In fact, anything I do with your wife in the movie, you can do with my wife in real life.”

“So every morning I'd go to the set and I’d hear my wife go, 'Please do a love scene. Please slowly take your shirt off in that scene and rub her ever so tenderly,” Sandler joked with Letterman.

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“When I was watching the movie, I was imaging that every seen Katie Holmes is in, Tom Cruise is standing right next to the camera,” said Letterman.

Sandler said that Cruise did visit set a couple of times. He was shooting Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol at the same time, and would bring pictures of him doing stunts.

“And I’m complaining because my eyelash is in my eye,” said Sandler.


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