Adam Sandler Sings Goodbye to David Letterman: "Now You're Just the Oldest Dad at Little League" (Video)

"Both Jimmys should get down on their knees and blow — you kisses," Sandler sang about the game-changing late-night icon.
Adam Sandler on Tuesday's 'Late Show'

Adam Sandler gave David Letterman a singing sendoff.

The actor, who has recorded numerous comedic songs over the years, appeared on Tuesday's Late Show to sing a farewell ditty to the soon-to-depart host.

"He won't have to pick up the phone anymore when Les Moonves calls him up," sang Sandler. "He'll finally have time to take Jay Leno out for coffee — then secretly pee in his cup."

During the tune, Sandler strummed a guitar and praised Letterman for paving the way for the other late-night figures: "Both Jimmys should get down on their knees and blow — you kisses."

Then he added that, instead of "interviewing Heidi Klum or Cheryl Tiegs, now you're just the oldest dad at Little League."

To hear the full song, including Sandler's shocking prediction about what Paul Shaffer will be doing after leaving the Late Show, watch the video below.

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