Aerosmith, Jimmy Fallon Perform "Walk This Way" With Classroom Instruments

The iconic band traded in electric guitars for ukuleles in the latest musical segment, aided by Fallon and The Roots.
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC
Aerosmith, Jimmy Fallon and The Roots

Aerosmith, Jimmy Fallon and Tonight Show band The Roots teamed up to perform a "Classroom Instruments" rendition of the band's hit "Walk This Way" — complete with wood blocks, toy drums, maracas and more — for a segment of Wednesday's The Tonight Show.

With wood block and mallet in hand, Fallon sat in the first row alongside frontman Steven Tyler, who simultaneously played a harmonica and two apple shakers while singing the lyrics.

The rest of the rockers filled out next two rows, with Joey Kramer on toy drum, Tom Hamilton jingling a tambourine, Brad Whitford shaking a maraca and Joe Perry strumming a ukulele. 

The Roots completed the instrumental harmonies with an array of xylophones, shakers and whistles. Past performers for the "Classroom Instruments" bit have included Idina Menzel, Meghan Trainor, Camila Cabello and Adele.