'Agents of SHIELD': What to Read Over the Hiatus

Get the spy fix you need

Agents of SHIELD won't return for a while — and though fans have Agent Carter to keep them busy, is there really such a thing as too much Marvel?  

The Hollywood Reporter has compiled five essential comic books to read until Agents of SHIELD returns, to give viewers another dose of Marvel's most exciting bureaucratic agency. 

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Inhuman Vol 1: Genesis

As Agents of SHIELD starts to dive into the mythology of the Inhumans and the Kree, this source material should be at the top of a reader's list. This is the first collection of the current SHIELD series rebuilding the mythology for today's readers. This gives plenty of background for fans stunned by the Skye bombshell in the midseason finale.

Available in digital and print format.

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Ms. Marvel Vol 1: No Normal

Why is this essential reading? Not only is it among the best current Marvel series, but it also has big implications for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It shows a regular character dealing with suddenly having powers thanks to Inhuman ancestry. 

Available in digital and print format.

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Secret Avengers Vol 1: Let’s Have a Problem

Love the chemistry between Coulson (Clark Gregg) and Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson)? This arc sees the comic book versions of those two team up with Black Widow, Hawkeye and some other superpowered characters to keep the world safe in a spy series with a particularly demented sense of humor. 

Available in digital and print format.

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Things haven't been the same since Agents of SHIELD said goodbye to everyone's favorite cyborg killing machine. It's time to catch up with his comic book counterpart in this series, which is only available in single issues as it hasn't been collected yet. 

Available in digital and print format.

SHIELD by Steranko: The Complete Collection
Don't mess with the original. This collection of 1960s strips is for those who wish the spy organization was more like James Bond's MI-6. It's also packed with background information on the organization destroyed in Captain America: The Winter Soldier
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Agents of SHIELD returns to ABC on March 3.
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