'Agents of SHIELD' EP on Simmons' Fate, Finale's Secret Warriors Nod

Jeffrey Bell also talks with THR about Ward's new role: "It feels like everything between Ward and SHIELD next year will be very personal."
Adam Taylor/ABC

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from the season-two finale of Agents of SHIELD.]

Tuesday's season two finale of Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD contained death, mayhem and a whole lot of action. But the biggest shock came from the revelation that Jiaying’s (Dichen Lachman) Terrigen crystals took on a new form — everyday ordinary fish oils. 

Jiaying and her Inhuman forces, equipped with an arsenal of Terrigen crystals, led an assault against the SHIELD naval ship. With a successful coup of the vessel, the Inhuman leader ordered a crate of the crystals to be taken onto a Quinjet to be released around the world. By doing so, Jiaying would eliminate all humans and awaken the dormant Inhumans around the world.

In order to stop her mother’s plan to destroy humanity, Skye (Chloe Bennet) uses her powers to send the Quinjet containing the crate into the ocean. However, the Terrigen crystals did not remain locked away in their oceanic grave. The crystals dissolved into the water, becoming absorbed by the ocean life, and eventually turned into fish oils that are available on everyday vitamin store shelves.

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with executive producer Jeffrey Bell to discuss the big moments of the second season’s finale, whether the sea life poses a danger to humanity, SHIELD’s powered task team and Simmons' fate.  

The episode ends with a Contagion-esque sequence showing how the Terrigen Mist is spread through ocean life. Is the Diviner metal dissolved out, or will the fish/fish oils be lethal to those that don’t have the Inhuman gene?

We have to watch and find out. To say too much would spoil the fun. We'll definitely see the mist, whether it’s the old-school mist or the one with the metal — we need to wait and see.

Ward (Brett Dalton) has been in the background this season. How was the decision made to have him take over Hydra? Does he blame SHIELD for Kara’s death?

Yes, he does blame SHIELD for Kara’s death. God forbid he ever take responsibility for anything he’s ever done. For us, it’s been a real journey for Ward. He started off as Garrett’s (Bill Paxton) right-hand and was always a guy who looked to someone else to tell him what to do. This season had him coming to terms with his past, finding closure and, in a sense, forgiving himself. And then he goes off about getting together with the old team, talking about how much he regrets what happened, and he wishes he could be with the old team again. After the events of the last couple of episodes, that seems to all go out the window — and going back to Hydra, the fact that he says he misses being part of the team is a big clue to how he’s feeling. In the past he had no personal agenda against Coulson (Clark Gregg) or the team. It feels like everything between Ward and SHIELD next year will be very personal.

It looks like Skye will be fulfilling Raina’s (Ruth Negga) prophecy of leading the Inhumans with a super-powered team that Coulson assigns her to. Is this the beginning of a Secret Warriors?

There is the Secret Warriors, and Daisy Johnson does run a team for Fury of powered people that is secret and off the grid — people who are not on the Index or anything like that. The fact that we have a character named Daisy who is talking to Coulson about filling that role is a nod in that direction.

Robert Kirkman has talked about regretting his decision in The Walking Dead comic books of cutting off Rick’s hand. What was the decision with cutting off Coulson’s hand, and was it one that was taken lightly?

No, it was not taken lightly at all. The advantage that we have that Kirkman doesn’t have is that we live in the Marvel Universe, and in the MU, there’s all kinds of cool technology and medical stuff where people can lose a hand or have a brain operated on and come back different but more intriguing. So for us it’s not just the physical thing but the emotional thing of Coulson losing a part of himself. In The Walking Dead, Rick would have to walk around without a hand. In herewell maybe Coulson knows a guy who can build him a hand.

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A relationship is seen developing between Fitz (Ian De Caestecker) and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) in the finale. With Simmons “absorbed” by the Kree stone, what can we expect of her fate/the Kree Stone in season three? SHIELD must have seen what happened since there are cameras in the room, right?

Nobody’s more upset about that than us. We worked hard trying to earn their coming back together. If only that darned stone didn’t absorb her, we’d all live happily ever after. But let’s just see how this plays out. At a certain point, lets even say they didn’t see it on the cameras. … I mean she’s on a ship in the middle of the ocean. They are going to search everywhere, and they’re not going to find her and then they’ll go back into the room where she was. I think either way the math will add up fairly quickly for them.

Bobbi (Adrianne Palicki) takes the bullet for Hunter (Nick Blood), even though he knew he was walking into a trap. At the end she says she wants out and is done with this life. What does she mean by that?

She says, “I can’t do this anymore.” The questions are: Does Bobbi mean she is done with Hunter? Done with SHIELD? Done with getting shot? I look forward to seeing how people interpret that.

There were talks about a Bobbi and Hunter spinoff that wasn’t picked up. What happened with the SHIELD spinoff? Is it something you plan to re-evaluate at a later date?

I can’t really talk about any of that. I know that came out of everybody at the studio and network loving those characters and having lots of story ideas for them, and so that will continue to be true when they return to Agents of SHIELD.

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