Alaska Blockbuster Store Manager on John Oliver's Stunt: "It Could Be Very Big for Business"

Blockbuster Store General 2 - Getty - H 2018
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Kevin Daymude is the general manager of the one of the last remaining Blockbuster Videos in the United States — and he believes something great is about to happen to his store.

John Oliver on Sunday revealed that his show, Last Week Tonight, bought a number of items in Russell Crowe's recent divorce auction. But instead of keeping the props and costumes for future gags on the show, Oliver said he wanted to donate it all — including a leather jockstrap Crowe wore in Cinderella Man, a hood he wore in Robin Hood, and a vest he wore in Les Miserables, among other items — to one of the last remaining Blockbuster stores in Alaska.

Daymude told The Hollywood Reporter on Monday he badly wants the items and has contacted HBO via phone and social media to make sure they know. 

"I had no idea whatsoever he was going to do that," Daymude says. "We would be very honored to showcase that collection." 

Waking up to more than 50 messages on his phone, Daymude says the buzz around town, Anchorage, has been nonstop all day.

"People have been calling and coming in, wanting to know when it will all be here," he says. "If we do get [the collection], it could be very big for business." 

Daymude says he is not sure what he did for his store — one of three Blockbusters still open in the state — to get the memorabilia, but he is thrilled for the offer. 

And while he has yet to hear back from HBO, Daymude is confident it is all going to work out, saying, "It is movie memorabilia, and we are in the movie business."